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Filson design and manufacture high quality replacement filter elements and custom filter elements for more than 18 years. With our own filter elements production manufacturer, experienced technical team, complete database and high-level quality standards, Filson is your best partner for filtration solution.
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Filson Custom Filters & Replacement Filters

Stainless Steel Filters
Stainless steel filter cartridges are ideally used for high temperatures, high pressures and corrosive applications. It has strong structure, stable filtration precision and easily cleaned for long service life.
Sintered Metal Filters
Sintered metal is a trusted and long-lasting media with efficient particle capture and mechanical strength advantages. Compare to other types filters, they are not easy to block and damaged.
Wedge Wire Filters
Wedge wire screens mainly comes in panel or cylinder two types of shapes. With a unique welding process, the V-shaped surface wires are easily cleaned by mechanical scraping or back flushing.
Replacement Filter
We have complete datasheet of more than 200 brands filter elements. To ensure fast delivery, Filson has wide range of replacement filter elements and spare parts in stock and let you receive within 5 days.

One Stop Filtration Solution For Your Need

We have flexible production capacity and expert technical team to offer filters with specific filter material, shapes, and pore size for your unique applications. Even in small quantity, we assign our skilled engineers to solve technical problems for you at 24/7.
Our replacement filter elements are functionally and dimensionally interchangeable to domestic and foreign filter manufacturers with competitive price. We have a wide range of replacement filter elements in stock, including Pall, Boll, Hydac…Send us the part number now, we will arrange fast delivery within 5 days.

How WeControl Filter Element Quality in Manufacturing

Worldclass testing equipments
We do strict inspections to ensure all filter elements are up to the standard requirement before delivery. Tested by our advanced test equipment, we are able to show you, like coalescing elements can efficiently reach to at least 50ppm by cycling filtration
Dust free assemble room
To help you achieve desired ISO cleanliness level and oil NAS7 grade, all our filters elements are assembled in dust-free room to avoid bring in new contaminants enter into your system, especially for food-grade application.
Strict Filter Material Procurement
Whether material in stainless steel, micro fiberglass, metal felts or disposable cellulose, Filson purchase from certificated material suppliers and develop long-term cooperation with them, we could offer material certification in European, Japanese, American standards.
Skilled Production Team
Most of Filson workers have more than 5 years filter elements manufacturing experience, they know the whole production flow very well and keep eyes for every small detail. They are good at handle demanding delivery with flexible filter elements design.
Advanced Processing Technology
With a military background and long history, we have advanced sintering, glue bonding and welding technologies. Some common problems: damaged filter material, lacking filtration area, deformed filter structure is not allowed to appear in our filter elements.
Accurate Dimension Tolerance
Tolerance of Filson filter elements are strictly controlled to keep totally same with our design drawing, inspectors are arranged to measure every installation dimension, so that it fits well in your filtration system

Feedback From Clients

Discover the story behind the people that are making the Filsonfilter trust on the next level great, How and why they do what they do.
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High Viscosity Filter Cart
Denmark Customer
Have the opportunity to work with Filson Filter. The engineers answered all my technical questions with great perservance. They worked tirelessly with implementation of our north power station project here in Denmark and providing quick lead time when we need spare parts on site as soon as possible.
5 stars from 210 reviews
filson feedback
LPG Filter
American Customer
Filson Filter is a nice, trusted & responsible filtration business partner. He deals with filter vessel and element for water, oil and gas applications, specially to dewater and particles from oil, remove oil&water from natural gas. Filson has good reputation in big companies in different countries for the quality of he supplied filters. I wish him every success.
5 stars from 210 reviews
filson feedback
Replacement Filter
Germany Customer
We do regular business with Filson Filters. Before we have approx..5-6 suppliers in China and now we merge it all together and swap production to Filson. Compare to other China suppliers, we are convinced with Filson quality and service. They have strict quality control so our customers have less claims.
5 stars from 210 reviews

Filter Element Manufacturing

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Skilled Engineers To Service You At 24/7
Competitive Price Without Losing Quality
Large Dirty Holding Capacity For Long Service Life
Free Sample Delivery Within 5 days

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