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Filson 1 Micron Filter Bag

  • Top rated filtration efficiency up to 99.98%
  • Economic materials benefit overall cost-saving
  • High flow rate capacity for increased productivity
  • Suitable for deep filtration filter with precision 1 µm
  • Customizable connection designs for broad adaptability

Filson 1 micron bag is widely used in automotive, sugar processing, water, and wastewater treatment, oil and gas exploration and processing, pharmaceuticals. Moreover, Filson also provides an updated filter bag version which is made of stainless steel and more durable.

  • Standard size: 7”*16.5”, 7”*32”…
  • Filtration accuracy: absolute 0.5µm
  • Fittings design: flange, ring, drawstring
  • Flange/thread material: polypropylene(PP) as standard
  • Material: polypropylene(PP), polyester(PE), nylon, cotton

Note: specific sizes are also available to be customized, please contact Filson and consult

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Filson 1 Micron Filter Bag

Your Competent 1 Micron Filter Bag Manufacturer

Filson 1 micron filter bag, also known as 1-micron filter sock, is typically fabricated from polypropylene(PP) and polyester(PE). With fixed filtration accuracy and rigid felted construction, 1-micron absolute filter bags can provide a stable filtering effect during the whole filtration process.

Filson 1 micron filter bag can be designed for adapting various popular brands of filter housings by modifying the flange style. Plus, if you require any unique bag bottom shapes or special sizes, Filson can always provide OEM service. For distributors, we can add your brand logo to the finished product.

Want your specialized 1-micron water filter bag? Contact Filson to get help!

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