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1 Micron Syringe Filter

  • Both hydrophobic and hydrophilic materials available
  • High temperature resistance up to 121℃
  • Broad diameter for large volume up to 4 L
  • Uniform pore size, faster flow rate of 510 ml/min
  • Various connection methods to fit filtration system better
  • Suitable for most air and liquids filtration

Filson 1 micron syringe filter is ideal for removing bacteria or other particles larger than 1 micron. Owing to the uniform and exact pore size design, our 1 micron syringe filter has larger effective filtration area and huge sample volume up to 4L.

  • Raw Material: nylon, PES, PTFE, glass fiber
  • Pore Size: 1.0 micron
  • Operating Temperature: up to 121℃
  • Maximum Working Pressure: 4.1 bar
  • Common Diameter: from 4mm to 50mm
  • Filtration Area: 19.6 cm2
  • Sample Volume: up to 4L
  • Maximum Flow Rate: 510 ml/min
  • Connection: stepped hose barb, luer lock, LS

Note: above sheet is for reference purpose, please contact Filson for custom sizes.

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Your Premier 1 Micron Syringe Filter Partner in China

Filson 1 micron syringe filter is mainly made of nylon, glass fiber or PTFE, so it has strong structure to resist high heat and high pressure. Compared to ordinary filters, the flow rate of our filter can reach 510 ml/min in order to improve efficiency and reduce overall filtration cost.

Having well chemical stability, Filson 1 micron syringe filter is best compatible with strong corrosion, acid, bases and organic solvents. Since both hydrophobic and hydrophilic material available, our syringe filter can be widely used in most liquid and air filtration.

To suit your filtration system better, we provide multiple connectors for you choose, like stepped hose barb, female luer lock inlet and male luer slip outlet, LS, etc. Besides, if you has unique requirements on fabricating 1 micron syringe filter in terms of material, size or even delivery, we promise to meet your needs.

Any questions or want bespoke 1 micron syringe filter?Please Click Here immediately! Filson must be your best choice.

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