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Filson 10 Inch Water Filter Cartridges

  • Capable of working in a moist or dry environment
  • Widely, filtration precision ranges from 0.5 to 200µm
  • Available in PP, PE, PES, PTFE, carbon, stainless steel
  • Optional fitting types for your installation convenience
  • Adjustable diameter for different flow rate arrangement

Filson 10 inch water filter cartridges are perfectly adaptable with most standard 10-inch filter housings due to standard length and adjustable diameters. Additionally, Filson keeps providing customer service for your special connection requirements.

  • Micron rates: 0.5µm-200µm
  • Lengths: 10″
  • temp: 177˚C-nylon, 121˚C-PE, 82˚C-PP, 400˚C-fiberglass, 150˚C-cotton, 400˚C-stainless steel
  • Core material: polypropylene(PP), SS304, SS316L, tinned steel.
  • Filter media: nylon, cotton, polypropylene(PP), polyester(PE), polyethersulfone(PES), polytetrafluoroethylene(PTFE), fiberglass, carbon, stainless steel.

Note: please consult Filson to get your personalized 10 inch water filter cartridges-MOQ50PCs

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Filson 10 Inch Water Filter Cartridges

Your Trusty Copartner on 10 Inch Water Filter Cartridges

Filson 10 inch water filter cartridges are available in various types: string wound filter cartridge, membrane filter cartridge, melt blown filter cartridge, carbon filter cartridge… Fison provides all these filters with customizable length, diameter, and filtration accuracy.

Among the optimal choice is Filson carbon filter cartridge for the whole house water filtration system, which owns effectively chlorine taste and odor reduction capability. Meanwhile, Filson membrane filter cartridge is perfect for critical filtration under 82 °C at 20 psid.

Want more information about 10-inch water filter cartridges? Contact Filson now at sales@filsonfilters.com!

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