• 10 Micron Water Filter Cartridge
  • 10 Micron Water Filter Cartridge
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Filson 10 Micron Water Filter Cartridge

  • Selectable materials to build superior corrosion resistance
  • Nominal filtration rating contributes constant filtration effect
  • Variety of construction designs to meet different applications
  • Extended operating lifespan results in high economic efficiency
  • Large contamination holding capacity, less replacement frequency

Filson provides every 10-micron water filter cartridge in fully customizable sizes and optional connection components. You can consult Filson engineers to ensure if the extra inside/outside frame or specific endcaps are feasible.

  • Filtration accuracy: 10 µm
  • Types: string wound, melt-blown, membrane, carbon, ceramic…
  • Filter media materials: polypropylene(PP), polyesteer(PE), polyethersulfone(PES), polytetrafluoroethylene(PTFE), stainless steel(SS), sintered SS, carton, cotton.
  • Flow rate capacity: decided by the production processes and applied fluids
  • Sizes: customizable
  • Lengths: all decided by your demands
  • Max, operating temp: 260˚C-SS, 480˚C-sintered SS, 150˚C-cotton, 177˚C-nylon, 121˚C-PE, 82˚C-PP, 400˚C-fiberglass, 900°C-ceramic

Note: material/filtration rating/connection type can be customized upon request-MOQ50PCs

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Filson 10 Micron Water Filter Cartridges

Your Reliable 10 Micron Water Filter Cartridges Manufacturer in China

Filson 10 micron water filter cartridges usually contain multiple filter cartridge types: string wound, melt-blown, membrane… These filters benefit from diverse properties like extraordinary filtration surface or self-supporting structure, thus causing a smaller size for less installation space.

You can see a high flow Filson 10 micron water filter cartridge equals 56 times of same-size melt blown type on inlet flow speed. Additionally, a filter bag obtains an inlet flow rate capability that 1/5 of a high flow 10-micron water filter cartridge.

Filson 10 micron water filter cartridge has passed a lot of certifications including ISO9001, CE. Just inquire us now!

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