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Filson 180 Micron Filter Bag

  • Multilayer composite structure eliminates fiber migration
  • Standard sizes to adapt most filter housings on the market
  • Good flexibility for less cracking under the high-pressure condition
  • Applicable to various industries: oil processing, food, and beverage
  • No pollution during filtration due to non-silicone sewing structure

Filson custom-designed 180-micron filter bags are generally available in polypropylene(PP) or polyester(PE) welded rings. It features high sealing and needle hole elimination for high filtration efficiency and bypassing inhibition.

  • Filtration accuracy: 180 µm
  • Connection designs: flange, ring, drawstring
  • Ring materials: polypropylene(PP), stainless steel, galvanized steel
  • Flow rate capacity: decided by filter media and sizes
  • Filter media: polypropylene felt, polyester felt, nylon monofilament mesh.
  • Minimum order quantity: 50PCs

Note: please consult Filson for customized specifications as your requirements

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Filson 180 Micron Filter Bag

First-class 180 Micron Filter Bag Fabricators in China

Filson 180 micron filter bag is fully customable in bottom shapes, connection styles for fast and easy installation and replacement. For instance, standard 4”, 7”, 7.5”, 5.7”, 8.4” rings are all offered by Filson for your comprehensive requirements.

When you require a non-migration filter bag choice, Filson can add an extra outside nylon cloth layer or perform the polishing process to avoid fiber shedding. Hence, your target filtrate will not be polluted when passing through Filson 180 micron filter bags.

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