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Filson 190 Micron Filter Bag

  • Ideal replacement for popular 190-micron bags
  • Optional materials and fittings upon your needs
  • Mature production line for bulk and quality products
  • Nominal micron rate for stable and accurate filtration
  • Advanced glazing technology for non-fiber migration

Filson 190 micron filter bag is generally made of premier monofilament nylon mesh, owns prominent permeability and sediment removal efficiency. With special filtration accuracy of 190 µm, it is usually used as a replacement for a Magical Butter 190-micron filter bag.

  • Standard size: 7”*16.5”, 7”*32”.
  • Filtration accuracy: 190 µm
  • Fittings design: flange, ring, drawstring
  • Flange/thread/ring material: polypropylene(PP) as standard
  • Materials: polypropylene(PP), nylon as standard

Note: rings or flanges can be customized upon request with MOQ-50PCs.

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Filson 190 Micron Filter Bag

Your Complete Solution for 190 Micron Filter Bag

Filson offers ring configurations from full dimension ranges of 4”, 7”, 5.7”, 7.5”, 8.4” for ease of installation and replacement. Besides, 190-micron filter bags with customizing sizes are always available for your specific application needs.

For your special applications, Filson can design a 190-micron filter bag according to your target filtrates. Moreover, Filson had experience in filter system designing for over 18 years, so you can also find other accessories required for your filtration system in addition to filter bags.

Choose Filson 190 micron filter bag! Inquire us now to get an INSTANT quote!

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