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Filson 20 Inch Carbon Filter

  • Exceptionally efficient removal of chloride ions
  • High flow rate capacity owing to increased size
  • Applicable to virtually all water treatment systems
  • Standardized dimensions for extensive adaptability
  • Suitable for industrial use and municipal water systems

Filson 20 inch carbon filter, which also called 20″ carbon block filter, generally made of granular activated carbon or compressed activated carbon, is all offered by Filson. It’s of the most widely used CTO carbon block filters with standard 20” length and customizable diameter.

  • Standard size: 2.5”/4.5”x20”
  • Nominal filtration precision: 0.5-10µm
  • operating temperature: 60℃
  • Filter media: activated carbon
  • Endcap material: plastisol, PP
  • Outer shell/cloth/netting: polypropylene(PP)

Note: the design and color of the outer shell/cloth layer/netting can be customized

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Filson 20 Inch Carbon Filter

Your Extraordinary 20 Inch Carbon Filter Supplier in China

Filson 20 inch carbon filter can be designed as wrapped solid carbon type or granular activated carbon(GAC) type with plastic casing. Wrapped solid carbon filter benefits from rigid and porous structure, meanwhile GAC filter always shows the optimal absorption capacity.

Whether utilizing Filson 20 inch carbon filters in pre, medium, or critical filtration processes, you will see its significantly chemical removal ability evermore especially on reducing chlorine. Further, it’ll also provide you with high removal efficiency with a hi-precision of 0.5 microns.

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