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Filson 20 Inch Water Filter Cartridges

  • Sufficient productivity ensures a quick delivery
  • Widely used in drink water, oil, chemical filtration
  • Optimal replacement due to standard 20-inch size
  • Optional material for the different working environments
  • High flow rate compatibility and large dirt holding capacity

Filson keeps providing customization services for each type of 20-inch water filter cartridge, you can pick target accuracy, connection style, and raw material to fit the unique application needs. Plus, the porosity of ceramic filter cartridges or sintered porous filter cartridges is customizable as well.

  • Micron rates: 0.5µm-200µm
  • Length: 20″
  • temp: 177˚C-nylon, 121˚C-PE, 82˚C-PP, 400˚C-fiberglass, 150˚C-cotton, 400˚C-stainless steel
  • Core material: polypropylene(PP), SS304, SS316L, tinned steel.
  • Filter media: nylon, cotton, polypropylene(PP), polyester(PE), polyethersulfone(PES), polytetrafluoroethylene(PTFE), fiberglass, carbon, stainless steel

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Filson 20 Inch Water Filter Cartridges

Your Dependable Guider on 20 Inch Water Filter Cartridges

Filson supplies 20-inch water filter cartridges in a broad micron rating range from 200 down to 0.5, which is widely used in coarse, medium, and fine filtration. Moreover, standard cartridge size contributes them great adaptability with 20-inch filter housings in the market.

When you utilize Filson 20 inch water filter cartridges for high flow filtration, Filson 3 m high flow water filter cartridge will be recommended. The media is crosswise folded around a 6” polypropylene core for extended filtration area and large flow rate capability.

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