• 200 Micron Filter Bag
  • 200 Micron Filter Bag Suplier
  • 200 Micron Filter Bag

Filson 200 Micron Filter Bag

  • Delicate stitching for enhanced rigidity
  • Compatibility with high viscosity fluids
  • Long-life term, high cost-effectiveness
  • Filtration aid function in beer processing
  • Good insulation, low lubrication coefficient

Filson 200 micron filter bag, which is also called 200-micron filter sock, can be manufactured with polypropylene felt, polyester felt, nylon monofilament mesh, etc. These materials bring the diverse property of eminent hydrophobicity, particle removal efficiency, and permeability

  • Micron rate: 200
  • Fitting designs: flange, thread, ring, drawstring
  • Connection materials: polypropylene(PP),stainless steel, galvanized steel
  • Filter media: polypropylene felt, polyester felt, nylon monofilament mesh.
  • Temperature: 400˚C-SS, 160˚C-nylon, 145˚C-PE, 90˚C-PP

Note: OEM and labeling services are always allowed according to your requirements

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Filson 200 Micron Filter Bag

Your Reputable 200 Micron Filter Bag Supplier in China

Filson 200 micron filter bags can adapt almost all filter housings with standard sizes: #size 1, #size 2, #size 5, #size 6, #size 9, #size 12… You can select Filson 200 micron filter bag just according to the original filter bag or send us your target dimensions.

Furthermore, galvanized, stainless steel and polypropylene rings/flanges/threads are fully customizable by Filson. Therefore, it is capable of working in extreme temperature conditions or highly corrosive environments.

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