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Filson 200 Micron Filter Sock

  • Superior cartridge fabrication technology for effective filtration
  • FDA-approved materials to meet stringent filtration requirements
  • High contaminant holding capacity and low replacement frequency
  • Rated filtration levels contribute to consistent filtration effectiveness
  • Selectable high thermal resistant filter socks for harsh environments

Filson 200 micron filter sock is usually utilized in aquarium sump filtration systems thus protecting sumps from fine particles like dust, silt excess food. Additionally, motors are prevented from large objects include crabs and snails, resulting in fewer damages.

  • Filtration accuracy: 200μm
  • Max operating temperature: 160°C – nylon, 145°C – PE, 90°C – PP
  • Diameters: 4”, 7”
  • Lengths: 7”, 8.25”, 14”, 16”, 32”.
  • Materials: polypropylene, polyester, nylon, Nomex.
  • Connection types: ring, flange, drawstring

Note: bespoke diameters and lengths are always available

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Filson 200 Micron Filter Sock

Your Reliable Partner of 200 Micron Filter Sock in China

Filson 200 micron filter sock owns the most simplified construction composed of a filter sock body and connector, which makes it the easiest to install and remove. You can find Filson 200 micron filter sock available in all standard sizes such as #Size 1, #Size 2, #Size 3, and certainly, we provide custom service as your demands.

Filson 200 micron filter socks only adopt top quality PP, PE, nylon, as raw materials, thus capable of utilizing in some tough working conditions. For instance, Filson PP 200 micron filter bag can always maintain an eminent filtration effect whether in strong alkalies or acids environments.

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