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Filson 25 Micron Filter Bag

  • Prominent resistance to strong acids and alkalies
  • Widely applied in food, oil, and chemical processing
  • Nominal micron rate of 50 available for fine filtration
  • Durable needle felt material for extended service time
  • Multiple materials for low, ambient, and high temp condition

Filson 25 micron filter bag mainly takes premier materials as filter media include polyester fiber, polypropylene multifilament, and nylon monofilament. For special high thermal conditions, fiberglass or stainless steel filter bags will upgrade to your top choice.

  • Filtration accuracy: absolute 25 micron
  • Sizes: 7”*16.5”, 7”*32”…
  • Fittings design: flange, ring, drawstring
  • Temperature: 400˚C-SS, 150˚C-cotton, 160˚C-nylon, 145˚C-PE, 90˚C-PP
  • Flange/thread material: polypropylene(PP) as standard
  • Filter media materials: polypropylene(PP), polyester(PE), polytetrafluoroethylene(PTFE), stainless steel(SS), nylon, cotton.

Note: Custom materials, diameters, and lengths are depending on your requirements

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Filson 25 Micron Filter Bag

Your Incomparable 25 Micron Filter Bag Solution

Filson 25 micron filter bag, also called 25-micron filter sock, is a typical dust collection filter bag model with dust removal precision of 25μm. Certainly, it is also commonly used in water treatment filtration systems and liquid filtration in the food industry.

You can see Filson 25 micron filter bag’s great performance in the water filtering process, eliminating water bypassing owing to melt bonding configuration. Plus, it shows eminent air permeability and high dust removal efficiency, up to 98.99%.

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