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Filson 250 micron Wedge Wire Screen

  • Low differential pressure for high flow rate application
  • Precision- controlled slot size for great filtration performance
  • Prominent clogging resistance ability to reduce maintenance cost
  • Perfect backwashing capacity with long service life
  • High corrosion resistance by high-grade metal raw materials

Filson 250 micron wedge wire screen is a particular filter with precisely controlled slot spacing to achieve 250-micron filtration accuracy. Of course, 250 micron is just one category, we also supply other wedge wire screens with your required micron rating.

  • Raw material: Stainless Steel 304/316L/321, or other required alloys
  • Diameter: 10-1200 mm
  • Length: 1000-6000 mm
  • Micron rating: 250μm
  • Filtration accuracy: 99%
  • Shape: cylinder as usual
  • End connection: flange, metal ring, threaded connection

Note: Please consult us for your customized requirements

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Filson 250 micron Wedge Wire Screen

Your Processional 250 micron Wedge Wire Screen Manufacturer in China

250-micron wedge wire screen manufactured by Filson is commonly used SS 304 or 316L type materials, and the welding process can increase the anti-pressure ability. Furthermore, its smooth filtration surface will reduce the mechanical wear to prolong the service time.

Filson 250 micron wedge wire screen features low-pressure drop and impact resistance capabilities, typically applying to high flow rate operating conditions. By the unique wedge wire design, it provides excellent resistance to clogging while becoming increasingly popular in the industrial water treatment industry.

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