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  • Filson 254 SMO Stainless Steel Mesh
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Filson 254 SMO Stainless Steel Mesh

  • Excellent workability and weldability
  • Resistant to pitting and crevice corrosion
  • Sturdy structure
  • Eminent impact toughness and ductility
  • High resistance to chloride stress

Filson provides 254 SMO stainless steel mesh with one-stop service from quote to delivery. We promise to manufacture the best quality product with a relatively low price. And with the advantages of the material itself, it can be used for a long time.

  • Material: 254 SMO stainless steel
  • Shape: square, rectangular, circular or special shapes
  • Operating Temperature: -45.6℃—315℃(optimum range)
  • Flitration Ratings: 1μm to 840μm
  • Construction method: welded, sintered, woven
  • Applicable Medium: oil, stream, water, gas.
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Filson 254 SMO Stainless Steel Mesh

Your Reliable 254 SMO Stainless Steel Mesh Supplier in China

Filson is a professional supplier of 254 SMO stainless steel mesh for a global scale. And all our products have obtained ASME quality and ISO9001 Certification. For this account, we have gained a great reputation from local customers worldwide.

Filson 254 SMO stainless steel mesh is popular for its great corrosion resistance and can be formed by welding, sintering, and weaving into different modes for specific industrial usage. It is widely applied in saltwater handling, marine equipment, petroleum production, pulp mill bleach systems, food, and chemical processing.

If you are looking for a 254 SMO stainless steel mesh, why not consider choosing Filson. We are always here to look forward to your quotation.

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