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Filson 300 Micron Filter Bag

  • Sufficient stock and high productivity for fast delivery
  • Multilayer composite structure for increased durability
  • Thermal melt bonding construction eliminates bypassing
  • Advanced glazing process prevents filter media migration
  • Premier materials for better high heat and corrosive resistance

Filson 300 micron filter bag, often referred to as 300-micron filter sock, is mainly consists of a multi/monofilament mesh bag body and polypropylene/stainless steel/galvanized ring. It is available in standard sizes 1, 2, 3, 4, 11, 12.

  • Micron rate: 300
  • Fitting designs: flange, ring, drawstring
  • Fitting materials: polypropylene(PP), SS 304, galvanized steel
  • Filter media: polypropylene felt, polyester felt, nylon monofilament mesh.
  • Max, operating temp: 400˚C-SS, 160˚C-nylon, 145˚C-PE, 90˚C-PP

Note: additional support frame can be added with filters on request

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Filson 300 Micron Filter Bag

Most Popular Option of 300 Micron Filter Bag

Filson 300 micron filter bags are widely used in universal fields include industrial coatings, cutting fluids, pharmaceuticals. Various optional filter media materials such as polypropylene, polyester give them broad compatibility with strong corrosive or high thermal resistance.

When you apply Filson 300 micron filter bag is highly viscous liquids filtering, you need to soak it completely with a compatible liquid first before using it. Therefore, you can protect the filter bag from breaking under sudden overpressure while filtering.

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