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Filson 300 Micron Filter Sock

  • Fully customizable sizes promote wide adaptability
  • Prolonged operating life for high economic benefits
  • Versatile construction design for different applications
  • Alternative materials to develop superior corrosion resistance
  • Complete range of precision for almost all filtration processes

Filson 300 micron filter sock can be offered with PP/PE needle felt or PP/PE/Nylon monofilament mesh and a broad range of rings/flanges/threads. These multiple materials and component choices allow you to select according to different operating requirements: high temperature, strong corrosive.

  • Filtration accuracy: 300μm
  • Max operating temperature: 160°C – nylon, 145°C – PE, 90°C – PP
  • Outer diameter: 4”, 7”
  • Lengths: 7”, 8.25”, 14”, 16”, 32”…
  • Materials: polypropylene, polyester, nylon, Nomex.
  • Connection types: ring, flange, drawstring

Note: dimensions are all available on request with MOQ-50PCs.

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Filson 300 Micron Filter Sock

Your Masterly 300 Micron Filter Sock Fabricator in China

Filson 300 micron filter sock is obtainable with various dimensions: 7”x16”, 7”x32”, 4”x8.25”, 4”x14”. It shows widely and diverse application compatibility of utilizing in the aquarium, swimming pool, chemical and water treatment.

Generally, the filtration efficiency of Filson 300 micron filter sock decreases significantly until after 6 to 12 months of use. In this case, you can remove and change to a new filter sock effortlessly by virtue of its simple construction.

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