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Filson 4 Inch Filter Sock

  • Smooth surface features less contaminant adhesion
  • Thermal bonded construction for eliminating fluid bypass
  • Minimal deformation or mesh displacement under pressure
  • Uniform mesh opening and distribution for precise filtration
  • Glazing technology prevents fiber shedding for FDA compliance

Filson 4 inch filter sock is capable of achieving good hydrophobic property by selecting specific material, hence it can also be used for gas deducting. Further, they can be processed by chemical treatment to be anti-static, thus preventing dust explosions.

  • Outer diameter: 4”
  • Lengths: 7”, 8.25”, 14”, 16”, 32”.
  • Filtration accuracy: 1 to 800μm
  • Max operating temperature: 160°C – nylon, 145°C – PE, 90°C – PP
  • Materials: polypropylene, polyester, nylon.
  • Connection types: ring, flange, drawstring

Note: material/shape/filtration accuracy can be allowed to customize(MOQ-50PCs)

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Filson 4 Inch Filter Sock

Your Highly-skilled 4 Inch Filter Sock Fabricator in China

Filson 4 inch filter sock is designed to fit standard 4”(DIA) filter sock holders or filter housings, applicable for filtration process in almost all industries. It is available in multiple conventional lengths of 14”, 16”, 32”, or customized lengths according to your requirements.

You can select Filson 4 inch filter sock from fiber/microfiber felt or multifilament/monofilament mesh that adapts the specific precision needs or achieve different dirt load levels. Additionally, polyester, polypropylene, nylon, these diverse materials that can help you in whether acidic or alkaline filtration environments.

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