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Filson 400 Micron Filter Sock

  • Long-term durability for heightened cost-effectiveness
  • Selectable fabric styles for maximum dirt holding capacity
  • A variety of connection configurations for simple installation
  • Custom sizes to meet the broadest application requirements
  • Nominated 400 micron pore size suited with coarse filtration

Filson 400 micron filter sock can be manufactured with nylon, Nomex, polyester(PE), or polypropylene(PP) suitable for multiple applications at a conventional temperature under 240 °C. For higher thermal conditions, we sincerely recommend stainless steel mesh filter socks with better heat resistance.

  • Outer diameter: 4”, 7”
  • Lengths: 7”, 8.25”, 14”, 16”, 32”.
  • Filtration accuracy: 400μm
  • Max operating temperature: 160°C – nylon, 145°C – PE, 90°C – PP
  • Materials: polypropylene, polyester, nylon, Nomex.
  • Connection types: ring, flange, drawstring

Note: Minimum order quantity is 50PCs

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Filson 400 Micron Filter Sock

Your Reliable 400 Micron Filter Sock Supplier in China

Filson 400 micron filter socks are obtainable in diverse bottom styles: traditional sewed bottom, thermally sewn bottom, and molded round bottom(only for felt filter socks). Further, you can also pick unique rings or flanges to fit your filtration system.

Filson 400 micron filter sock can help you at whether final filtration of paints, vinegar, beer, or even parts cleaning due to absolute filtration accuracy 400 µm. During filtration, it won’t shed fibers owing to the glazed surface that consequently assures liquid purity.

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