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5 Micron Syringe Filter

  • Multiple materials suitable for different applications
  • Rigid structure to resist high pressure and high heat
  • Double luer lock connector available for better sealing
  • Excellent chemical resistance to filter most chemical solvents
  • Low extractables to offer more reliable analysis
  • 100% integrity test to ensure high quality

Filson 5 micron syringe filter, with exact 5 micron pore size, can remove contaminants or impurities greater than 5 micron with a higher efficiency. And to satisfy your requirements better, we provide customized service on manufacturing 5 micron syringe filter in terms of, material, sizes, package or even delivery.

  • Raw Material: nylon, PES, cellulose acetate(CA), polypropylene(PP), PTFE, glass fiber
  • Micron Rating: 5 micron
  • Sterility: non-sterile
  • Working Temperature: up to 100℃
  • Maximum Operating Pressure: 5.5 bar
  • Common Diameter: up to 50mm
  • Surface Area: 5.8 cm2
  • Sample Volume: up to 150ml
  • Maximum Flow Rate: 300 ml/min
  • Connection: luer lock, MLL, FLL

Note: above sheet is for reference purpose, please contact Filson for custom sizes.

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Your Professional 5 Micron Syringe Filter Manufacturer in China

Filson 5 micron syringe filter has broad diameter to increase effective filtration area. Moreover, our syringe filter has faster flow rate up to 300 ml/min, so the efficiency can be largely enhanced to reduce filtration time and total costs.

Most Filson 5 micron syringe filters are non-sterile, and you can sterilize them by autoclaving at high heat 121℃ for 30 minutes. To suit your filtration system better and offer good sealing, there are various connectors for you choose including luer lock, FLL or MLL.

Having outstanding chemical resistance, Filson 5 micron syringe filter is best suitable for aggressive corrosion, acid, alkali and organic solvents. And it can be widely applied in HPLC sample filtration, GC sample filtration, pharmaceutical industry, etc.

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