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Filson 50 Micron Filter Sock

  • Wide inlet size benefits large water intake capability
  • High-cost effectiveness due to long-lasting durability
  • Various connection configurations for easy installation
  • Ideal replacement for virtually all popular filter sleeves
  • Silicone-free sewing process for zero filter contamination

Filson 50 micron filter socks usually contain various configuration options: needle felt/ monofilament mesh layer combined with rings, flanges, threads, or drawstrings. No matter which type you choose, it always exhibits preeminent particle capture ability, attains at least 99%.

  • Micron rate: nominal 50
  • Max operating temperature: 160°C – nylon, 145°C – PE, 90°C – PP
  • Connection types: ring, flange, drawstring
  • Nominal sizes: 7”x16”, 7”x32”, 4”x8.25”, 4”x14”…
  • Materials: polypropylene felt, polyester felt, nylon monofilament mesh

Note: different material provides different corrosion resistance. Please consult Filson

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Filson 50 Micron Filter Sock

Your One-stop Provider of 50 Micron Filter Sock

You can apply Filson 50 micron filter socks in the pharmaceutical industry, chemical processing, water treatment, or even swimming pool filtration systems. Among all 50-micron filter socks, you’ll find a nylon monofilament mesh filter sock, an ideal swimming pool filter that is repeatable and easy to wash.

Filson felt type 50 micron filter socks, on the other hand, show increased dirt holding capability from thick and porous construction. Replacement is required when after 6 to 12 months of use to bring the best filtration effects.

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