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Filson Activated Carbon Panel Filter

  • High filtering efficiency thanks to activated carbon foam
  • Good corrosion resistance for durable and long service life
  • Rigid and firm frame and support mesh to ensure the integrity
  • High carbon content to improve the filtering efficiency
  • Low initial air flow resistance and large air flow capacity

Filson activated carbon panel filter is also called activated carbon air filter or carbon panel filter. It is specially designed for central air conditioning and centralized ventilation systems to remove odors ( bad smells ) and harmful gases from the air.

  • Filter media: activated carbon fiber or activated carbon foam
  • Frame material: aluminium, stainless steel, galvanized steel
  • Support mesh type: welded wire mesh or expanded metal mesh
  • Charcoal content: 4.5 – 5.0kg
  • Filter weight: 8.0 – 8.5kg
  • Dimension ( W x H x D ): 592 x 287 x 292mm

Note: a variety of special activated carbon materials are available according to actual needs.

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Filson Activated Carbon Panel Filter

Quality Activated Carbon Panel Filter Serving the World

Filson activated carbon panel filter use charcoal that is treated with oxygen to make the charcoal more absorbent. Similar to other panel filter, this kind of filter also captures dust in the air. However, it is more frequently used to remove odors from the breathing air.

Activated carbon which is also known as activated charcoal, is type of carbon endowed with lots of small pores to increase the surface area. By using Filson activated carbon panel filter, gas molecules, smoke and pollutants are absorbed to a great extent.

Filson activated carbon panel filter is available to be designed into pleated type to further increase the filtration area and expand its dust holding capacity for higher filtration efficiency.

After HEPA filter, you can try this amazing activated carbon panel filter to bring you a higher level indoor air quality and ensure the health. So if you are looking for an effective air filter, Filson can be your professional advisor. Contact us today and get the ideal product.

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