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Filson Aqua High Flow Water Filter Cartridge

  • An ideal choice for fitting in big blue filter housings
  • Most common sizes to your installation convenience
  • No chemical pollution released during the filtration process
  • Higher flow rate capability than PP melt blown cartridge
  • Best performance on improving the odour and taste of water

Since Filson only uses high-quality PP or PET materials in Aqua High flow water filter cartridge processing, hence there’s no harmful chemical substances released during filtration. In summary, it will be the top-rate filtration solution for residential, food service, science labs, industrial, marine.

  • Material: polypropylene(PP), carbon …
  • Filtration precision: 0.5-100
  • Filtration efficiency: 99.98%
  • Standard lengths: 10”, 20”
  • Connections: PP, glass fiber

Note: specific OD/flow rate capacity depends on the particular filter cartridge model.

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Filson Aqua High Flow Water Filter Cartridge

Your First Choice of Aqua High Flow Water Filter Cartridges in China

Filson supplies a series of Aqua high-flow water filter cartridges in different materials and structural design. For instance, you may see carbon block filter cartridges or PET pleated filter cartridges are all available to adapt to your various application needs.

Filson Aqua’s high flow water filter cartridge generally can withstand a high flow rate of more than 50 times PP melt blown filter cartridge, which is a quality advantage we strive to provide. It is usually adopted for using in 10” and 20” filter housings on the market that shows extensive applicability.

Contact us via sales@filsonfilters.com and you’ll get a quick quote!

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