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Filson Automatic Screen Filter

  • Extremely large screen size for high flow rates
  • High standard material with superb corrosion resistance
  • Different micron ratings for a variety of applications
  • Easy to install and replace with flexible connection design
  • Special backwash ability to provide a long lifespan

Filson automatic screen filters are all intelligently engineered, providing regular self-cleaning by differential pressure control or PLC control. It can achieve a continuous automatic operation, and require no operator intervention, improving the safety and efficacy of the filtration process.

  • Raw material: 316/304-grade stainless steel or other alloys
  • Flow rate: up to 4000m3/h
  • Design pressure: 1.0/1.6Mpa
  • Operating temperature: up to 65℃
  • Filtration accuracy: 10-1500 micron
  • Connection size: 2-20 inch
  • Connection type: flange

Note: Specification customization for unique applications is permitted.

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Filson Automatic Screen Filter

High-quality Automatic Screen Filter Manufacturer with Competitive Price

Filson automatic screen filter is an ideal solution for industrial, irrigation, municipal, and domestic applications, to offer low maintenance with high-efficiency filtration. It contributes to the low water consumption of the cleaning process, less than 1% of total flow.

Commonly manufactured by 304/316L stainless steel material, the inner filter element of the Filson automatic screen filter can be of various types. Typical filter elements include wedge wire screen filter, sintered mesh filter, wire mesh filter, pleated or perforated screen… with a micron rating of 10-1500μm.

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