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Filson Automatic Water Filter

  • Minimal liquid loss during the back washing process
  • Wide range of specifications for various applications
  • No filtration interruption with high working efficiency
  • Unique backwash design for long service life
  • Superior metal material with high corrosion resistance

Filson supplies automatic water filters in a wide range of sizes, orientations, flow rates, filtration ratings to meet any demand. They can be typically used for cooling towers, UF prefiltration, and industrial, irrigation, municipal water treatment.

  • Raw material: SS 304/316L, 2205, nickel alloys, etc.
  • Flow rate: 10m3/h-25m3/h
  • Working temperature: 0-65℃
  • Installation direction: horizontal or vertical
  • Connection type: flange

Note: All specifications can be customized for your unique application.

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Filson Automatic Water Filter

Your Trusted Automatic Water Filter Partner Since 2001

With high filtration accuracy ranging from 5-500μm, Filson automatic water filter plays a crucial role in pre-treatment for both the preparation of drinking water, and the disposal/reuse of wastewater. Besides, it can also help you efficiently protect other valves and components while requiring less maintenance.

Filson automatic water filters provide minimal wastewater during the backwash cycle to save energy and money, promoting the sustainability of your project. And it will easily integrate into a variety of pump station configurations by flexible flange connection design.

If you are searching for an automatic water filter that can up to improved discharge and reuse standards, cooperate with FILSON!

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