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Filson Bernoulli Filter

  • High flow rate capacity without losing high filtration accuracy
  • Ingenious installation designs for most installation requirements
  • Reliable operation and low maintenance for long service life
  • Fully automatic cleaning ability with minimal mechanical wear
  • Low flushing pressure as well as very few moving parts

Filson Bernoulli filters have advantages of high operational reliability, minimal maintenance, and low energy consumption. Its cleaning sequence is continuous without any manual intervention while causing little mechanical wear.

  • Filter body material: SS 304/316L, CS
  • Filter element material: SS 304/316L, titanium
  • Inlet/outlet connection: DIN/ANSI flange
  • Filtration range: 100-1000μm(wedge wire), 1000-2000μm(perforated)
  • Operating pressure: 10 bar
  • Flow rate: 8400m3/h
  • Control panel: PLC

Note: other specifications unmentioned above are available for your need

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Filson Bernoulli Filter

Your Dependable Bernoulli Filter Supplier in China

Filson Bernoulli filter is an automatic filter based on Bernoulli Principle, including single basket type and multi-basket type. They are distinguished by their ability to filter down to 100 microns even at high flow rates up to 8400 m3/h.

According to your installation needs, Filson can provide Bernoulli filters with both vertical and horizontal designs since the flexible nozzle orientations. Plus, please install Filson Bernoulli filter downstream of feed pump to ensure sufficient pressure of filter operation.

Call to 86-157 3695 8886 or email sales@filsonfilters.com for more details and a quick quote!

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