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Your Best Boll & Kirch Replacement Filters Manufacturer

Filson manufactures all replacement filter element for Boll & Kirch Filter Cross reference. Just send us your filter number, we will get them for you.

  • High flow rate and lower pressure drop
  • Low maintenance cost and replacement cost.
  • High filtration efficiency, high quality
  • Resist for high pressure, high temperature
  • Corrosive application suitability
  • Coalescing, particle and adsorption elements available
  • Boll seal gas filter

Premier Boll Filter Repalcement Manufacturer in China

Filson delivers a comprehensive product range for high-quality replacement Boll&Kirch filter elements and spare parts. Available filter types mainly includesBoll&Kirch multi-mantle element, Bollfilterstar pleated element, Boll basket element, Boll&Kirchring filter element, Boll&Kirch coalescence filter element, and Boll&Kirch candle element for automatic filters.

To offer you quick delivery, Filson keeps all standard Bollfilter filter element replacement in stock and usually send out within 7 days. Whether used in your existing Boll & Kirch filter housings or custom filter system, we can provide your technical support with the best replacement Boll&Kirchfiltration solution.


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FAQ for Boll Filter Element Replacement

Any Boll Filter replacement, just give the cross reference, we will make that for you.
Where is your factory located.

Filson filter element factory located in Xinxiang, Henan Province, China.

We are professional basket strainers and filter element manufacturer for over 10 years.

Can Filson manufacture other brand replacement filter element

Yes, Filson can manufacture all types of the replacement filter elements, just give us the cross reference. and the quantity you need.

Can you manufacture replacement boll and kirch duplex filter housing and strainer.

Yes, Filson starts the business with a professional duplex and simplex basket strainer factory.

high flow duplex filters housing

Filson: High-quality&Fast delivery for Boll Replacement Element

Filson replacement Boll&Kirch filter elements have excellent filtration performance in removing particle and water from hydraulic oils, lubrication oil, seawater, fuel oils, and chemical fluids. The material of Boll filter elements is available with stainless steel wire mesh, glass fiber, and paper, with a micron rating from 5 to 2000.

With over 18 years’ experience in replacement Boll&Kirch filter elements manufacturing, Filson knows well inBoll&Kirchfilter media and structures. Just tell us the model number, like 1340079, we will match OD, ID, height, filtration accuracy and detailed mesh number from our database.

Filson not only provides “look like” Boll&Kirch filter elements but totally replace genuine Boll filter elements in functions and sizes. Compared with other replacement Boll&Kirch filter suppliers, Filsonensure a longer service life, less maintenance, and replacement cost as well as unscheduled downtime.

Filson replacement Boll basket element is used to capture large-size particle contamination. It removes and collects dirt in cleanable basket-shaped filter elements. Filtration accuracy is up to 2000 micron.

Filson replacement ring filter element is cleanable and usable for long life service. Compare to Boll basket elements, it has a larger filtration area because of an additional mesh cylinder in the center.

Filson replacement multi-mantle element consists of several cylindrical filter mantles, contributing to a large filtration surface within a small space limited. We use stainless steel material for filter layers, support and baskets. Magnetic can be offered in our multi mantle elements for efficiently capturing slags.

Filson replacement star-pleated element adopt stainless steel wire mesh for larger filtration area and longer using life. It has high precision filtration effect as well as lower pressure drop to save your system energy.

Filson replacement candle filter elements are ideal to remove particles from gases or liquids. It is available with screw-in and spring two connection types, and usually installed in Boll automatic filters or backflushing filters. We can offer various candle filter element length and micron rating.

Boll pleated safety element

Filson replacement disposable filter element is made of non-woven pleated plastic, glass fibre or paper material. It mainly used to filtering very fine dirt particles. Filson has standards size of disposable Boll filter element in stock. If you need it in urgent, please contact us freely.

Filson replacement coalescence filter element is specially used to remove fine particles and water from gases and oils. The dewater efficiency for Filson coalescer filter element can reach 95% to 99.99%.

With Filson engineering and design know-how, we have hundreds of replacement Boll filter element models for your selection. At every stage, we strive to strictly controlBoll filter elements manufacturing quality while helping you remain competitive in the market.

Contact Filson technical support for more replacement Boll filter information.

Main Application:
  • Marine
  • Chemical and petrochemical
  • Manufacturing
  • Paper
  • Power
  • Oil&gas
  • Automotive
  • HVAC
  • Process industries

PS: All parts marked “replacement” or “equivalent” are not affiliated with the original Boll&Kirch Filter manufacture, Boll&Kirch Filter part numbers and names are used for cross reference only.


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