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  • Carbon Water Filter Replacement
  • Carbon Water Filter Replacement Supplier

Filson Carbon Water Filter Replacement

  • Ideal for low-contaminant level water filtration
  • Large surface area extended lifetime up to 6 months
  • Fully customizable connection and appearance design
  • Replacement cartridges of various brands are available
  • Deep filtration available, efficient chlorine removal rate

Filson carbon water filter replacement, or called carbon water filter replacement cartridge, can be designed with different sizes, colors, end caps, gaskets, or even outer cloth layers. Moreover, it is selectable with wide material ranges that meet various temperature and chemical conditions.

  • Nominal filtration accuracy: 0.5-10µm
  • Nominal outer diameters: 2.5”, 4.5”
  • Nominal inner diameter: 1.1”
  • Lengths: 9.75”, 10”, 20”, 30”, 40”
  • Maximum working temp: 60℃
  • Filter media: activated carbon
  • Endcap material: plastisol, PP
  • Cloth/netting: polypropylene(PP)

Note: end caps are selectable from 222, 226.

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Filson Carbon Water Filter Replacement

Prominent Carbon Water Filter Replacement Manufacturer

Filson keeps providing carbon water filter replacement in the whole series, from compressed activated carbon filter to impregnated cellulose carbon filter. Further, replacements of popular carbon block filters from Pentair, Watts, are also provided by Filson.

In addition, Filson carbon water filter replacement can normally last for 4-6 months. Benefits from enhanced dirt holding capacity, it achieves a longer service time of 1 year when applied for low impurity/chemical applications.

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