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Filson Carbon Wrap Filter

  • Exceptional CTO improvement capability
  • The outer cloth layer prevents particles from dropping
  • Super porosity, high pollution absorption capacity
  • NSF certificated quality for drinking water processing
  • Extensive size compatibility owing to a standardized design

Filson carbon wrap filters are obtainable in various micron sizes: 1, 5, 10… and can be customized into many colors for special design. We offer Filson carbon wrap filters in multiple sizes of 5”, 10”, 20” for the widest installation compatibility.

  • Maximum working temp: 60℃
  • Nominal filtration accuracy: 5-10µm
  • Filter media: compressed carbon block
  • Endcap material: plastisol, PP
  • Cloth/netting: polypropylene(PP)

Note: special micron sizes are available on bulk orders

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Filson Carbon Wrap Filter

Your Reliable Manufacturer of Carbon Wrap Filter

Filson carbon wrap filter is composed of an outer cloth wrapping layer and block filter media, preventing particle dropping which maintains water purity. Outside the cloth layer, additional netting is used to reinforce the cloth and ensure the overall robustness.

Filson carbon wrap filters will help you in fine filtration to remove organic microorganisms, VOCs, and chlorine from water. Moreover, it can be applied in the pre-filtration of reverse osmosis systems to increase the efficiency of pure water production.

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