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Cellulose Syringe Filter

As a professional syringe filter manufacturer, Filson is able to provide high-quality cellulose syringe filter with customized sizes.

  • Various pore sizes for different applications
  • Eminent chemical compatibility
  • Faster flow rate and higher efficiency
  • Suitable for sterile and non-sterile conditions
  • Minimum order quantity of 100 pcs

What is Cellulose Syringe Filter

Filson cellulose syringe filter is ideally designed to remove bacteria, virus, microorganisms or other particles with a higher filtration efficiency. It offers an economical way to offer more reliable sample results, protect filtration components and extend column’s service life.

Since most cellulose membrane is hydrophilic, Filson cellulose syringe filter is best suitable for various aqueous solutions filtration. Meanwhile, if you need a syringe filter used in air or gases filtration, hydrophobic cellulose membrane is your premier choice.

Owing to the rigid construction, our cellulose syringe filter has high temperature tolerance of 180℃ and high pressure of 12 bar. In addition, having excellent chemical property, our filter can be widely applied in corrosion, acids, bases and organic solvents filtration.

Filson has a series of cellulose membrane syringe filters, including cellulose nitrate syringe filter, cellulose acetate syringe filter, regenerated cellulose syringe filter, mixed cellulose esters syringe filter, etc. You can choose proper filters according to your unique applications.

Cellulose Syringe Filter Categories

Cellulose Nitrate Syringe Filter
Cellulose Nitrate Syringe Filter

Filson cellulose nitrate(CN) syringe filter has various pore size ranging from 0.1 to 8 micron, and it is suitable for different applications. With broad diameter, our cellulose nitrate syringe filter has larger effective surface area with huge sample volume of 100 ml.

Cellulose Acetate Syringe Filter
Cellulose Acetate Syringe Filter

Mainly made of cellulose acetate(CA) material, Filson cellulose acetate syringe filter features in outstanding hydrophilicity to used in most liquids filtration. Besides, CA syringe filter has a robust structure to resist pressure up to 120 psi.

Regenerated Cellulose Syringe Filter
Regenerated Cellulose Syringe Filter

Having better chemical resistance, Filson regenerated cellulose(RC) syringe filter is best suitable for chemical solvents filtration. With lower extractables and lower protein binding, our RC syringe filter can offer maximum protein recovery.

Mixed Cellulose Esters Syringe Filter
Mixed Cellulose Esters Syringe Filter

Filson mixed cellulose esters(MCE) syringe filter has outstanding chemical stability to resist acid with pH value ranging from 1 to 14. Besides, it can be sterilized by autoclaving or gamma irradiation to be available for critical applications.

Sterile Cellulose Syringe Filter (1)
Sterile Cellulose Syringe Filter

Filson sterile cellulose syringe filter, one kind sterile syringe filter, offers an effective solution on most sterile applications. Available in 0.22 to 8 micron, our cellulose membrane syringe filter has larger filtration area to hold sample volume up to 120ml.

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Cellulose Syringe Filter Types by Micron Rating

0.22 Micron Cellulose Syringe Filter
0.22 Micron Cellulose Syringe Filter

Owing to the exact pore size, Filson 0.22 micron cellulose syringe filter can effectively remove most smaller particles like bacteria or virus. With broad diameter, the filtration area of our syringe filter can reach 19.8 cm2.

0.45 Micron Cellulose Syringe Filter
2. 0.45 Micron Cellulose Syringe Filter

Filson 0.45 micron cellulose syringe filter has lower extractables and lower hold-up sample volume to offer more reliable results. It can be widely used in HPLC sample filtration, pharmaceutical industry, laboratory testing, etc.

0.8 Micron Cellulose Syringe Filter
0.8 Micron Cellulose Syringe Filter

With broad diameter of 25mm, Filson 0.8 micron cellulose syringe filter has huge sample volume up to 100 ml. Since both hydrophobic and hydrophilic materials available, our syringe filter can be widely used in most liquid and gas samples filtration.

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Cellulose Syringe Filter Outstanding Benefits

Better Chemical Resistance
Better Chemical Resistance

Made of cellulose material, Filson cellulose syringe filter has excellent chemical compatibility with corrosion, acid, alkali and organic solvents filtration.

Easy to Install and Operate
Easy to Install and Operate

Due to the simple construction mainly including membrane, housing and connector, it is easy to install, operate and replace our cellulose syringe filter.

Reliable and Quick Delivery
Reliable and Quick Delivery

Filson has good relationship with DHL/UPS/TNT/Fedex, and we will choose quick and economical methods to transport your products.

High Pressure Resistance
High Pressure Resistance

Having a rigid membrane and housing construction, Filson cellulose membrane syringe filter has high pressure resistance up to 12 bar.

Cellulose Syringe Filter Advantages

  • More reliable results: Since cellulose syringe filter has lower protein protein binding than nylon and lower extractables than PES, you can receive maximum sample recovery and more reliable sample results.
  • Customized options: As an OEM manufacturer, we can provide bespoke cellulose syringe filter in terms of wanted sizes.
  • Multiple connectors: The common connector is female luer lock inlet and male luer slip outlet, double luer lock available. You can also choose SHB, hose barb or stepped barb to fit your filter better.
  • Lower price: Compared to conventional ones, our cellulose membrane syringe filter has higher efficiency to obtain overall lower price.
Cellulose Syringe Filter Advantages
Cellulose Syringe Filter Features

Cellulose Syringe Filter Features

  • 1 micron available to remove smaller particles better
  • Both hydrophobic and hydrophilic materials available
  • Broad acid resistance with pH value ranging from 1 to 14
  • Rigid structure to resist high pressure up to 12 bar
  • High porosity for larger effective surface area up to 19.8 cm2
  • Better temperature resistance up to 180℃
  • Lower sample adsorption to obtain high recovery of 95% – 98%
  • Autoclavable at high heat 121℃ for 15 – 30 minutes
  • Appropriate connector to reduce leakage and improve efficiency
  • Minimum bubble point to ensure safe filtration

Why Choose Filson Cellulose Syringe Filter

Filson Cellulose Syringe Filter Testing
Filson Cellulose Syringe Filter Use

Filson cellulose syringe filter has multiple pore size ranging from 0.1 to 8 micron, and it is suitable for removing small particles. Since our filter mainly composes of cellulose membrane, PP housing and connector, it has eminent chemical compatibility with acid, bases and organic solvents.

Filson always chooses high-quality materials to manufacture cellulose syringe filter, therefore our filter can operate normally under high heat and high pressure conditions. Besides, the designed diameter ranges from 3mm to 50mm, and it has huge sample volume of 200 ml to filter sample quickly.

Having 20+ years experience on producing filters, Filson has professional engineering team, advanced equipment and mature production lines. For this reason, we are able to provide you not only Filson cellulose syringe filter, but standard replacement filters of leading brands.

More importantly, if you need customized cellulose syringe filter, please give us a call at +86-157 3695 8886 or send us an email at immediately. Filson promises to provide you high-quality products with a lower price.

Cellulose Syringe Filter Specifications
Cellulose Syringe Filter Specifications
  • Raw Material: cellulose
  • Housing Material: polyvinyl chloride(PVC), polypropylene(PP), acrylic
  • Pore Size: 0.1 – 8 micron( typically 0.22 and 0.45 micron)
  • Operating Pressure: 12 bar
  • Working Temperature: up to 180℃
  • Common Diameter: from 3mm to 100mm
  • Filtration Area: up to 19.8 cm2
  • Sample Volume: 5 – 200 ml
  • Hold-up Volume: <3000 µL
  • Minimum Bubble Point: 0.3 bar
Replacement Brand Available for Cellulose Syringe Filter
Replacement Brand Available for Cellulose Syringe Filter

As a professional syringe filter manufacturer, Filson has the ability to fabricate standard replacement cellulose syringe filter of following brands:

  • Pall
  • Whatman
  • Millipore
  • Sterlitech
  • Thomas Scientific
  • Hawach
  • Sartorius
  • Membrane Solutions
  • Sigma-Aldrich

Cellulose Syringe Filter Applications

HPLC GC samples and mobile phases
HPLC/GC Samples&Mobile Phases

The sample volume analyzed by HPLC or GC and mobile phases is generally small, so regenerated cellulose syringe filter with retention amount of less than 1 ml is ideal for filtering the sample solutions. It has hydrophilic that provide high filtration speed without prewetting.

Protein chemistry
Protein Chemistry

With very weak protein binding capacity and excellent chemical resistance, Filson cellulose syringe filter is common in the field of protein chemistry. It is able to maintain characteristics in environment of PH value of 3-7, and has super high reduction to protein solutions.

Biological industry
Biological Industry

Filson cellulose syringe filter has accurate and uniform aperture as little as 0.22 micron, which is capable to capture microorganisms from biological samples like serum, plasma and culture media. Its high filtration efficiency of up to 99.99% meets the needs of biological industry.

Cell tissue culture media
Cell/tissue Culture Media

In the field of cell or tissue culture, asepsis is highly demanded. Filson cellulose syringe filter is made and packaged in 100,000-level cleanliness production workshop, and then sterilized by strict gamma-ray irradiation or autoclaving to avoid polluting the sample solution.

Ion chromatography
Ion Chromatography

Having passed the IC certification, Filson cellulose syringe filter is able to provide the most accurate and consistent results in laboratory ion chromatography. It has very low electrical conductivity and drug adsorption capacity to avoid the impacts on analytical results.

Food & Beverage

The regenerated cellulose filtration membrane and PP housing used by Filson cellulose syringe filter have both passed ISO9001 quality system certification and food safety certification, meeting the standards of food and beverage industry, providing high performance filtration.

Laboratory filtration
Laboratory Filtration

Featured with light weight, small size, less retention, multiple dimensions, wide aperture range and so on, Filson cellulose syringe filter is commonly applied in the laboratory field. Whether the samples need pre-filter, clarify, or sterilize, our RC syringe filter can meet your needs.

UV spectroscopy
UV Spectroscopy

Due to its excellent chemical stability, Filson cellulose syringe filter can maintain its own property and specifications unchanged in high temperature, high pressure or irradiated environments. It effectively promotes the accuracy and work efficiency in the UV spectral field.

Pharmaceutical industry
Pharmaceutical Industry

In compliance with drug contact requirements, Filson acetate or nitrocellulose syringe filter is  widely used in pharmaceutical industry. The most common 0.22μm and 0.45μm apertures can realize sterile-test or fine filtration to well ensure the purity and safety of medicines.

Filson Cellulose Syringe Filter
Filson- Your Professional Cellulose Syringe Filter Manufacturer in China

100% integrity tested and ISO standards certification. Effective and economical solution on removing small particles.

Cellulose Syringe Filter FAQ Guide

What is CA Syringe Filter?

What is CA Syringe Filter

CA syringe filter is mainly made of cellulose acetate membranes, and it is highly hydrophilic. Since cellulose acetate material has strong strength and low protein binding, CA syringe filter offers various applications, like protein and enzyme filtration, tissue culture media sterilization, biological industry or other places.

What is MCE Syringe Filter?

MCE syringe filter generally consists of mixed cellulose ester(MCE) membrane, PP/PVC housing and suitable connector. The MCE membrane includes pure and biologically mixtures of cellulose acetate and cellulose nitrate. MCE syringe filter is widely used in aerosol sampling, industrial hygiene, analytical and research applications.

What is MCE Syringe Filter

What are MCE filters Used For?

Since both hydrophobic and hydrophilic MCE membrane is available, mixed cellulose ester(MCE) syringe filter is best suitable for both liquids and gases filtration. And MCE filters offers various applications, including food and beverage, air monitoring, venting and degassing, wastewater filtration, microbiological water examination, etc.What are MCE filters Used For

How to Sterilize Cellulose Syringe Filter?

Since most cellulose syringe filters are non-sterile, there are various methods to sterilize syringe filters:

  • Autoclaving at 121℃ or 134℃ for 15 – 30 minutes
  • Gamma radiation
  • Dry heat
  • Ethvlene oxide
Does Cellulose Syringe Filter Remove Bacteria?

Does Cellulose Syringe Filter Remove Bacteria

The common pore size of cellulose syringe filter ranges from 0.1 to 8 micron, while bacteria has various micron rating between 0.5 and 5 micron. Theoretically speaking, cellulose can remove most bacteria and 0.2/0.22 micron syringe filter is your premier choice. As for larger and smaller bacteria, customized options will meet your needs.

What is The Diameter Of Cellulose Syringe Filter?

What is The Diameter Of Cellulose Syringe Filter

The designed diameter of cellulose syringe filter ranges form 3mm to 100mm, and more popular diameters are 13mm, 25mm and 33mm. Besides, according to your unique application, customized diameter is also available.

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