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Filson Code 7 Filter Cartridge

  • Highly cost-effective with repeat sterilization capability
  • Effectively microbial reduction and broad chemical compatibility
  • Easily wetted with cold water for integrity testing convenience
  • Customizable sizes and code 7 adaptors for extensive compatibility
  • Inert filter material maintains organoleptic properties of the product

Filson Code 7 filter cartridges are composed of high-quality polyethersulfone(PES) as filter media and contribute a project cage with polypropylene(PP). PES and PP material are inert that offers Filson Code 7 filter cartridge steady configuration, provides a stable filtration effect.

  • Specifications:
  • Filter media: PVDF
  • Inner diameter: 28mm
  • Outer diameter:68mm
  • Lengths: 5″, 10″, 20″, 30″, 40″
  • Nominal micron rate: 1-10 micron
  • End caps: DOE, 222+Fin, 222+Flat, 226+Fin, 226+Flat
  • Gasket/O-ring materials: Silicon/EPDM/NBR/Viton/Teflon
  • Differential pressure drop: max. 0.42Mpa at 25°C
  • Back pressure: Max. 0.21Mpa at 25°C
  • Operating temp: 80ºC at 0.173Mpa
  • Sterilizing temperature: 121ºC, 30mins

Note: customizable OD is optional on your requirements

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Filson Code 7 Filter Cartridge

Your Trusted Supplier for Code 7 Filter Cartridge

Filson Code 7 filter cartridge adopts 2 “226” O-rings and a fin on the dead-end that ensures filter sealing. This configuration is a typical choice on many critical filtrations especially in the pharmaceutical solution treatment, beer filtration, and beverage industry.

Standard Filson Code 7 filter cartridges with lengths of 5″, 10″, 20″, 30″, and 40″ are always available that can adapt nearly all filtration application specifications. Moreover, you can select from micron rate sizes from 1 to 10, and undoubtedly Filson can tailor for your unique demands.

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