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Filson Conical Muffler

  • Optional thread or push-in connection designs
  • Screw directly into the exhaust ports of valves or cylinders
  • Prevent contamination from entering the equipment
  • Highly resistant to corrosion and temperature
  • Can be cleaned by solvent soak or back flowing

Filson conical muffler is characterized by a cone shape to be the most frequently used type, has a standard micron rating from 10 to 90 μm. You can easily install it on the exhaust port of valves, air cylinders, or other pneumatic equipment through its flexible connections.

  • Material: bronze, stainless steel, or on request
  • Operating Pressure: Max. 300 psi
  • Operating Temp: 35-392 ℉
  • Length(overall): 17-108 mm
  • Inner Diameter: 3-25.4 mm
  • Outer Diameter: 8-38.5 mm
  • Connection: NPT/BSP thread (Male/Female)

Note: listed above for reference only, please consult Filson for customization.

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Filson Conical Muffler

Your Unmatched Conical Muffler Manufacturer in China

Filson conical muffler is usually made of sintered bronze powder or stainless steel powder, material can be selected based on your actual application requirements. It provides a porous structure to allow compressed air to pass through while lowering its speed, thereby reducing the noise level.

Not only for muffling noise, Filson conical mufflers can also be used as filters for gasoline, oil and air exhaust, and intake filtering. Just share your specific requirements with us, and we will offer conical mufflers with optimal quality and competitive prices.

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