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Filson Cotton Wound Filter Cartridge

  • Available in FDA and non-FDA standards
  • Customizable porosity for widely micron rates
  • Optional inner cores for different temps
  • Applicable in food&beverage application
  • Constant winding for stable filtration precision

Whether you select PP or stainless steel as filter core, Filson cotton wound filter cartridges can withstand maximum working pressure up to 115PSI. However, if temp resistance the main selection factor for you, SS core will be your top-one choice since the Max. operating temp 260˚C.

  • Micron rates: 0.5-200
  • Lengths: 3.75″-72″
  • OD: 2″ to 4.625″
  • temp: 150˚C-cotton
  • Operating pressure: 115PSI
  • Material: bleached cotton, natural cotton
  • Core: polypropylene, SS304, SS316L, tinned steel

Note: other sizes not mentioned are also available to be customized.

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Filson Cotton Wound Filter Cartridge

Your Direct Cotton Wound Filter Cartridge Factory in China

Filson cotton wound filter cartridge is manufactured with high speed and constant winding process, shaped as a rigid one-piece filter. Its particle removal rate is effectively improved due to hundreds of diamond-shaped channels that are gradually smaller from the outer surface to the core.

Filson offers both natural and bleached cotton filter media for different application needs. Natural cotton is only suitable for Non-FDA applications such as water and alcohols, while bleached cotton meets FDA standards can be used for distilled water, beverages, vegetable oils filtration.

Don’t hesitate to send Filson an email with your unique dimension demands!


  • paints
  • alcohols
  • Beverages
  • petroleum
  • fatty acids
  • vegetable oils
  • Organic Solvents
  • distilled water
  • Demineralized Water
  • Photographic Solutions
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