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Filson CTO Filter

  • Specially designed for chlorine, odor, and waste removal
  • Remarkable particle retention ratio of approximately 99.9%
  • Superb permeability and high contamination absorption capacity
  • Diverse production processes to meet individually filtration purposes
  • FDA grade polypropylene components, no harmful substance release

Filson CTO filter, also called CTO water filter cartridge or CTO carbon filter cartridge, are designed for improving chlorine, taste and odor(CTO) of water. You can apply them widely in school drinking water supply system, groundwater remediation, or even municipal water treatment facilities.

  • Nominal filtration accuracy: 0.5-10µm
  • Filter media: activated carbon
  • Endcap material: plastisol, polypropylene(PP)
  • Outer shell material: polypropylene(PP)
  • Cloth/netting materials: polypropylene(PP)
  • Maximum operating temperature: 60℃

Note: micron sizes and component colors are all based on your request

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Filson CTO Filter

Your Faithful CTO Filter Cooperator in China

Filson CTO filters mainly include 2 typical filter types: sintered activated carbon filter and granular activated carbon filter. They all feature high adsorption as granular carbon and prevent particle shedding like bulk activated carbon.

Sintered Filson CTO filter cartridge is compressed of premier nut activated carbon and food-grade adhesive and wrapped by a non-woven cloth layer to maintain a safe filtration. Meanwhile, Filson CTO filter cartridge adopted granular activated carbon to fill into housing, and be protected by non-woven filter elements on the 2 ends.

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