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Filson Cyclone Mist Eliminator

  • High centrifugal force with superior separation performance
  • Easy to install through the manways of the vessel
  • Minimize the diameter and height of the new vessel
  • Extended gas handling capacity with overall cost saving
  • Optional materials of construction for different applications

Filson cyclone mist eliminator can be made of stainless steel or other common metals, consists of single or multiple elements mounted onto a deck plate. Utilizing high centrifugal force, the Filson cyclone mist eliminator provides state-of-the-art separation performance for 7-20 micron liquid entrainment and particles with 99.9% efficiency.

  • Raw material: stainless steel, titanium, nickel, galvanized, and other required metals
  • Removed droplets size: 7-20 micron
  • Separation efficiency: 99.9%
  • Gas handling capacity: very high
  • Liquid viscosity: suitable for high viscosities/waxes
  • Liquid load capacity: high
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Filson Cyclone Mist Eliminator

Your Dependable Cyclone Mist Eliminator Supplier in China

Filson cyclone mist eliminator, also called cyclone demister, has an extremely high gas capacity which is approximately 10 times of mesh pad mist eliminators and 4 times that of vane type mist eliminators. Besides, it is more suitable for high-pressure conditions than mesh pad type and vane pack type.

The critical advantages of the Filson cyclone mist eliminator are: for new construction, it can help you effectively minimize the diameter and height of the new vessel with constant separation efficiency; for the existing separator, it may significantly extend the gas capacity, saving the costly equipment replacement.

Further, the Filson cyclone mist eliminator is very easy to install through the manways of the vessel. If the vessel is equipped with a body flange, the elements may be consolidated into a single piece for installation via the body flange.

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