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Filson Drawstring Filter Sock

  • Adjustable mounting legs for ease of use and installation
  • Optional thread/flange connections for different application
  • Flexible closure designs to simplify inner bag replacement
  • Various materials of seal o-ring with positive seal and no leak
  • Appropriate for specific bag size with high flow rate capacity

Filson drawstring filter sock can be made as both single mesh layer sock and thick felt sock. Among them, a single mesh layer sock is capable of tightly around a small pipe opening, while a thick felt sock is more durable and owns better filtration accuracy.

  • Filtration precision: 1-400 micron
  • Shape: cartridge or by customizing
  • Standard sizes: 7”x16”, 7”x32”, 4”x8.25”, 4”x14”
  • Materials: polypropylene felt, polyester felt, nylon mesh
  • Connection styles: drawstring

Note: all the above specifications can be customized to your needs with MOQ-50PCs

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Filson Drawstring Filter Sock

Industrial Leader of Drawstring Filter Sock

Filson drawstring filter sock is a unique type, which is only suitable for spouts and pipes due to the drawstring connection style. It’s available in 3 standard sizes: 4” x 8”, 4” x 14”, 7” x 16”, and customer service are also provided whether on sizes or shapes.

You can clean Filson drawstring filter sock extremely easily by using a filter solution. Once the threads of your drawstring filter sock start to fray or the seams pop open, or the filter layer becomes thin, it’s time to change to a new one.

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