• Duplex Bag Filter Housing
  • Duplex Bag Filter Housing
  • Duplex Bag Filter Housing

Filson Duplex Bag Filter Housing

  • Anti-corrosive material for various liquids filtration
  • Continuous operation for overall cost reduction
  • Top entry and side entry designs for ease of actual using
  • Easy to replace bags since flexible isolation valve assembly
  • Designed for use with heavy duty or high efficiency bag filters

Filson designs and manufactures both top entry bag filter housing as well as side entry bag filter housing. They share the same inlet and outlet connection, therefore can guarantee continuous production during filter bag change-out.

  • Raw material: SS 304/316L, CS
  • Operating temperature: 250℉
  • Design pressure: 150psi
  • Connection: flange, thread (ASNI/DIN/NF…)
  • Mounting: adjustable legs
  • Seal material: EPDM, NBR
  • Surface finish: SS-bead blasted or mechanical polish, CS-painted

Note: customized design needs to consult Filson.

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Filson Duplex Bag Filter Housing

Your Best Duplex Bag Filter Housing Partner in China

Fison duplex bag filter housing consists of two bag filter housings which combined through a butterfly/ball valve assembly at the inlet and outlet. You can easily switch to standby unit with valves without interrupted filtration process.

When you are handling larger flow rates or need larger filtration area, Filson duplex bag filter housing is your optimal selection. Besides, we supply a differential pressure gauge for each Filson duplex bag filter housing to indicate blocked filter.

Do not hesitate to contact Filson now for a innovative duplex bag filter housing!

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