Eaton Filter Element Replacement

Eaton Replacement Filter Manufacturer in China

Replacement Eaton filter elements provide trouble-free operation for a wide range of demanding applications. Filson manufactures all types or replacement Eaton filter element according to your cross reference, just give us your cross reference and quantity you need, we will give you an instant quote.

  • High resistance to variable operating pressures
  • Reduces equipment downtime and components failure
  • Filters contain more pleats and surface area than most competitors
  • Consistent filter efficiency, even at high differential pressure
  • Longer filter element life with original quality
  • Customized solutions with competitive cost
  • Technical engineering and laboratory support
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  • eaton internormen hydraulic filters
  • eaton oil filter

Your Premier Eaton/Internormen Filter Replacement Manufacturer

Filson replacement filter elements for Eaton mainly consist of Eaton Internormen hydraulic filter elements, Eaton water filter cartridges, and Eaton filter bags. With over 50,000 part numbers, you can find any Eaton or Internormen filter elements here in Filson with a competitive price.

Filson can guarantee all replacement Eaton Internormen filter elements from us are totally exchangeable with genuine Eaton Internormen in dimensions and function, so you can easily fit it into your existing Eaton filter housings and vessels.

Whether for particles generated during your system assembly or operation, Filson is a reliable and ideal supplier to effectively remove the contamination and protecting contaminant-sensitive components such as servo and proportional valves.

Eaton Filter Bag Replacement
Filson alternative Eaton filter bag is a surface filtration way to capture particles...
Eaton Metal Filter Cartridge
Filson replacement Eaton metal filter cartridges are available with various materials and micron rating...
Internormen Hydraulic Filter Element Replacement
Filson interchange Eaton/Internormen hydraulic filter is designed to help you achieve oil cleanliness level...

Eaton Filter Element

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Frequently Asked Questions

Common question help your business succinctly and appropriately respond to the needs of your audience.
Why choose Filson replacement Eaton/Internormen filter elements?
  • We are a factory and more than 18 years of elements production experience. Replacement filter elements are sold in 30+ countries.
  • Complete Eaton filter elements database and thorough production flow.
  • Fast delivery, free sample, OEM&ODM, 24 hours online service
  • Strict quality control and integrated quality inspection before delivery.
  • After-sale. If there are any quality problems from us, we will reproduce for free.
What's your service?
  • Pre-sale service:

Provide you proper filter models and price

Technical and drawing service by one-to-one engineers

  • Medium-sale service:

All alternative Eaton Internormenfilter element will be tested before shipment

Update goods transport information until you receive our filters

  • After-sale service:

Installation support and direction

Eaton filter elements replacement change-out guidance

Quality Assurance
  • Raw material procurement with certification
  • Professional inspectors at every production process
  • Advanced production and glue-injection equipment
  • Testing laboratory for strict detection before send-out
What is your minimum order quantity?

We don’t have MOQ limited, usually with 1 PC.

What is your packaging and shipment?


Carton or wooden case as your request.


  1. FedEx/DHL/UPS/TNT for samples or small order, directly to your company.
  2. By Sea from Qingdao or Shanghai port
  3. By air from Zhengzhou airport, 3-5 days arrival
What's your sample policy?

FREE sample is delivered within 7 days.

What's the terms of payment?

T/T 30-50% as deposit, and balance before delivery

Can I use my own logo on filter elements?

Yes, customize brand logo or model numbers on the products are available.

Eaton stainless steel high temperature filter cartridge

What is your delivery time?

If we have stock, usually 7-10 working days after payment

New products, we will produce and deliver within 7-15 days.

Can I use your filter elements in my existing Eaton filter housing?

Yes, whether replacement Eaton Filter bags or Eaton Internormen hydraulic filter elements, it can directly fit in your Eaton filter housing or strainers, not need to make any adjustments.

How can I receive a quick quotation?
  1. Send us your existing Eaton or Internormenfilter model numbers.
  2. ID, OD, height, filtration accuracy and end cap

If you have present Eaton Internormen photos, that would be better.

PS: Filson Filter is an independent industrial filter manufacturer. Eaton Internormen name and part number are used for cross reference only. All tradenames, service marks or registered trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Filson Filters does not claim to provide Eaton Internormen filter elements or other manufacturer’s filter and/or strainer elements.

Filson: Your Best Eaton Filter Element Replacement Factory

Eaton stainless steel high temperature filter cartridge

Filson stick to “Quality first, customer first” in Eaton Internormen filter elements production and testing procedures, we keep minimal clean pressure drop and high dirt-holding capacity to ensure consistent filtration performance and long service life span.

1. Eaton/Internormen Hydraulic Filter Element Replacement

Filson’s wide range of Eaton/Internormen filter element replacement is designed to help you achieve oil cleanliness level requests when filtering hydraulic fluids, cooling lubricants or water-based fluids.

With Filson complete alternative Internormen filter elements database, there are more than 4,000 models of high-quality filter elements with same original quality but we can save you more than 60% Internormen filter purchase cost.

These Internormen exchange filter elements are offered with various filter materials, different construction types and micron ratings to protect your critical hydraulic system components and meet you any industrial applications.

Available Filter Materials:

1.Glass fiber (3-25 microns)
2.Stainless steel wire mesh (10-200 microns)
3. Paper (10-80 microns)

Technical data:

• Filtration accuracy: 3μm ~ 200μm
• Working pressure: 10bar-210bar
• Working temperature: -30°C~+100°C
• Sealing material: nitrile, viton, others on request
• End design: single or double open end, bypass valve with opening pressure options


• Power generation
• Agriculture and construction
• General Industrial
• Wind
• Mining
• Automotive
• Oil and gas

2. Eaton Metal Filter Cartridge Replacement

Filson replacement Eaton metal filter cartridges are available with various filter materials and micron ratings for varied applications, especially corrosive liquids and gases, high temperature liquids and gases, high pressures and backwash self-cleaning filtration.

Eaton metal filter cartridges use porous titanium or stainless steel 316L porous metal powder. Its filtration accuracy can reach 0.5micron with a rugged and fixed pore structure. At present, Filson can offer BECO PROTECT KM with multiple end configurations and gasket/o-rings to fit your present filter housings.

Technical data:

• Outer Diameter: 2.36’’, 2.48’’, 2.5’’
• Max. working temperature: 392 °F (200 °C)
• Material: Titanium and stainless steel 316
• Filtration efficiency: 0.5, 1, 5, 10, 15, 35, 50, 100μm @ 99.5%
• Length: 5″, 9.75″, 10″, 20″, 30″, 40″
• O-rings: Silicone, Buna-N, EPDM, FPM, PTFE
• Adapter codes: DOE, 226/222 Flat single open end, 3/4″/1″ Male NPT threads

3. Eaton Filter Bag Replacement

Filson alternative Eaton filter bag is a surface filtration way to capture particles which are larger than the respective pore size. It is economical and convenient to replace with your existing Eaton bag filter housings.

Eaton filter bags, such as sentinel filter bags, snap ring filter bags can achieve efficiencies greater than 99%. Using Filson replacement Eaton filter bags, you can easily reduce bags change-out frequency and minimize maintenance and downtime.


• Simple and easy filter bags change-out
• No additives such as resins, binders or surface treatments
• Low differential pressure for less energy consumption of pumps
• Large filtration service area and long using time
• Remove particles ranging from 1 – 1000μm


• Beverage filtration
• Fine particle removal in parts cleaning
• Chemicals
• Inks
• Paint and coating
• Process water
• Hydraulic oils and lubricants

FDA Conformity:

All polypropylene materials used in manufacturing comply with the regulations of the Food and Drug Administration.

Please check our available Eaton or Internormen filter models as below:

01.E 30.3VG.30.E.P/01.E 170.3VG.30.E.P/01.E 600.3VG.30.E.P/01.E 30.3VG.HR.E.P

01.E 170.3VG.HR.E.P/01.E 600.3VG.HR.E.P/01.E 30.6VG.30.E.P/01.E 170.6VG.30.E.P

01.E 600.6VG.30.E.P/01.E 30.6VG.HR.E.P/01.E 170.6VG.HR.E.P/01.E 600.6VG.HR.E.P

01.E 30.10G.30.E.P/01.E 170.10G.30.E.P/01.E 600.10G.30.E.P/01.E 30.10VG.30.E.P

01.E 170.10G.HR.E.P/01.E 600.10G.HR.E.P/01.E 30.10VG.HR.E.P/01.E 170.10VG.30.E.P

01.E 600.10VG.30.E.P/01.E 30.16VG.30.E.P/01.E 170.10VG.HR.E.P/01.E 600.10VG.HR.E.P

01.E 30.16VG.HR.E.P/01.E 170.16VG.30.E.P/01.E 600.16VG.30.E.P/01.E 30.25G.30.E.P

01.E 170.16VG.HR.E.P/01.E 600.16VG.HR.E.P/01.E.30.25G.HR.E.P/01.E 170.25G.30.E.P

01.E 600.25G.30.E.P/01.E 30.25VG.30.E.P/01.E 170.25G.HR.E.P/01.E 600.25G.HR.E.P

01.E 30.25VG.HR.E.P/01.E 170.25VG.30.E.P/01.E 600.25VG.30.E.P/01.E 30.40G.30.E.P

01.E 170.25VG.HR.E.P/01.E 600.25VG.HR.E.P/01.E.30.40G.HR.E.P/01.E 170.40G.30.E.P

01.E.600.40G.HR.E.P/01.E 30.80G.30.E.P/01.E.170.40G.HR.E.P/01.E 600.80G.30.E.P

01.E.30.80G.HR.E.P/01.E 170.80G.30.E.P/01.E 600.130G.30.E.P/01.E 30.130G.30.E.P

01.E.170.80G.HR.E.P/01.E 900.3VG.30.E.P/01.E.30.130G.HR.E.P/01.E.170.130G.HR.E.P

01.E 900.3VG.HR.E.P/01.E 60.3VG.30.E.P/01.E 240.3VG.30.E.P/01.E 900.6VG.30.E.P

01.E 60.3VG.HR.E.P/01.E 240.3VG.HR.E.P/01.E 900.6VG.HR.E.P/01.E 60.6VG.30.E.P

01.E 240.6VG.30.E.P/01.E 900.10G.30.E.P/01.E 60.6VG.HR.E.P/01.E 240.6VG.HR.E.P

01.E 900.10G.HR.E.P/01.E 60.10G.30.E.P/01.E 240.10G.30.E.P/01.E 900.10VG.30.E.P

01.E 60.10G.HR.E.P/01.E 240.10G.HR.E.P/01.E 900.10VG.HR.E.P/01.E 60.10VG.30.E.P

01.E 240.10VG.30.E.P/01.E 900.16VG.30.E.P/01.E 60.10VG.HR.E.P/01.E 240.10VG.HR.E.P

01.E 900.16VG.HR.E.P/01.E 60.16VG.30.E.P/01.E 240.16VG.30.E.P/01.E 900.25G.30.E.P

01.E 60.16VG.HR.E.P/01.E 240.16VG.HR.E.P/01.E 900.25G.HR.E.P/01.E 60.25G.30.E.P

01.E 240.25G.30.E.P/01.E 900.25VG.30.E.P/01.E 60.25G.HR.E.P/01.E 240.25G.HR.E.P

01.E 900.25VG.HR.E.P/01.E 60.25VG.30.E.P/01.E 240.25VG.30.E.P/01.E 900.40G.30.E.P

01.E 60.25VG.HR.E.P/01.E 240.25VG.HR.E.P/01.E.900.40G.HR.E.P/01.E 60.40G.30.E.P

01.E 240.40G.30.E.P/01.E.900.80G.HR.E.P/01.E.60.40G.HR.E.P/01.E.240.40G.HR.E.P

01.E 900.130G.30.E.P/01.E 60.80G.30.E.P/01.E 240.80G.30.E.P/01.E.900.130G.HR.E.P

01.E.60.80G.HR.E.P/01.E.240.80G.HR.E.P/01.E 1350.3VG.30.E.P/01.E 60.130G.30.E.P

01.E 240.130G.30.E.P/01.E 1350.3VG.HR.E.P/01.E.60.130G.HR.E.P/01.E.240.130G.HR.E.P

01.E 1350.6VG.30.E.P/01.E 90.3VG.30.E.P/01.E 360.3VG.30.E.P/01.E 1350.6VG.HR.E.P

01.E 90.3VG.HR.E.P/01.E 360.3VG.HR.E.P/01.E 1350.10VG.30.E.P/01.E 90.6VG.30.E.P

01.E 360.6VG.30.E.P/01.E 1350.10VG.HR.E.P/01.E 90.6VG.HR.E.P/01.E 360.6VG.HR.E.P

01.E 1350.16VG.HR.E.P/01.E 90.10G.30.E.P/01.E 360.10G.30.E.P/01.E 1350.25VG.30.E.P

01.E 90.10G.HR.E.P/01.E 360.10G.HR.E.P/01.E 90.10VG.30.E.P/01.E 360.10VG.30.E.P

01.E 90.10VG.HR.E.P/01.E 360.10VG.HR.E.P/01.E 90.16VG.30.E.P/01.E 360.16VG.30.E.P

01.E 90.16VG.HR.E.P/01.E 360.16VG.HR.E.P/01.E 90.25G.30.E.P/01.E 360.25G.30.E.P

01.E 90.25G.HR.E.P/01.E 360.25G.HR.E.P/01.E 90.25VG.30.E.P/01.E 360.25VG.30.E.P

01.E 90.25VG.HR.E.P/01.E 360.25VG.HR.E.P/01.E 90.40G.30.E.P/01.E 360.40G.30.E.P

01.E.90.40G.HR.E.P/01.E.360.40G.HR.E.P/01.E 90.80G.30.E.P/01.E 360.80G.30.E.P

01.E.90.80G.HR.E.P/01.E 360.130G.30.E.P/01.E 90.130G.30.E.P/01.E.360.130G.HR.E.P

01.E 150.3VG.30.E.P/01.E 450.3VG.30.E.P/01.E 150.3VG.HR.E.P/01.E 450.3VG.HR.E.P

01.E 150.6VG.30.E.P/01.E 450.6VG.30.E.P/01.E 150.6VG.HR.E.P/01.E 450.6VG.HR.E.P

01.E 150.10G.30.E.P/01.E 450.10G.30.E.P/01.E 150.10G.HR.E.P/01.E 450.10G.HR.E.P

01.E 150.10VG.30.E.P/01.E 450.10VG.30.E.P/01.E 150.10VG.HR.E.P/01.E 450.10VG.HR.E.P

01.E 150.16VG.30.E.P/01.E 450.16VG.30.E.P/01.E 150.16VG.HR.E.P/01.E 450.16VG.HR.E.P

01.E 150.25G.30.E.P/01.E 450.25G.30.E.P/01.E 150.25G.HR.E.P/01.E 450.25G.HR.E.P

01.E 150.25VG.30.E.P/01.E 450.25VG.30.E.P/01.E 150.25VG.HR.E.P/01.E 450.25VG.HR.E.P

01.E 150.40G.30.E.P/01.E 450.40G.30.E.P/01.E.150.40G.HR.E.P/01.E.450.40G.HR.E.P

01.E 150.80G.30.E.P/01.E 450.80G.30.E.P/01.E.150.80G.HR.E.P/01.E.450.80G.HR.E.P








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