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Filson Fabric Filter Bags

  • Excellent dust cleaning
  • Low pressure drop
  • Good chemical resistance to acids and alkalis
  • Easy cleaning and long useful life
  • Well-designed filter bags with smooth surface

Filson fabric filter bags, also called fabric filter plant bags or dust collector filter bags, is the main dust collection product manufactured by Filson. With high filtration efficiency, Filson fabric filter bags have become an ideal option for fine dust collection.

  • Material: polypropylene, polyester, acrylic, aramid, fiberglass, PPS, P84, PTFE.
  • Maximum operating temperature: no more than 260℃(upon specific material).
  • Micron ratings: 0.5-200 micron.
  • Weight: 339.0 g/m2(upon size and material).
  • Thickness: 1.4-3mm(upon on material).
  • Air permeability: 59-87 m3 /h @ 1.25 mbar(upon on material)
  • Available design for the top: snap band top, ring top, corded top, raw edge, and more.
  • Available design for bottom: sewn flat, disc bottom, hemmed, and more.
  • Finish options: plain, glazed, singed, teflon, acrylic coating, or laminate.
  • Replaceable brands: Donaldson, Fuller, Nederman, Flex Kleen(more brands consulting sales).
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Filson Fabric Filter Bags

Versatile Fabric Filter Bags for Industrial Filtration

Good air permeability, high dust removal efficiency, smooth surface, large dust holding capacity, and extensive selection of materials are the dominating features and advantages of Filson fabric filter bags. In this respect, Filson fabric filter bag is your premier choice for industrial filtration.

Except for standard types of fabric filter bags, Filson also provides various brands replacement such as Donaldson filter bags, Fuller dust collector, Nederman dust collector bags, Flex Kleen filter bags.

Whatever you need a new fabric filter bag or a replacement for your current filtration system, Filson will always be here to help.

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