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Filson Fiber Demister Pad

  • High mist collection efficiency with even submicron accuracy
  • Optimized surface area design with lower pressure drop
  • Rigid screen frame support to provide a stable construction
  • Various fiber types for a majority of process environments
  • Good corrosion resistance for various acid & alkali conditions

Filson fiber bed mist eliminator can benefit your drying tower, interpass tower, final tower, ammonia scrubber or other liquid-gas separation systems with nearly 100% mist and particles removal efficiency. Therefore your downstream equipment will be protected to avoid costly maintenance and replacement, while the collected gas will be purer.

  • Raw Material: chemically resistant glass fibers, synthetic fibers and other special type fibers
  • Filtration Accuracy: less than 1 micron
  • Filtration Efficiency: 94-99.7% (100% for larger than 1 micron)
  • Height: 2-20 ft. (600-6000 mm)
  • Total Thickness: 100 mm
  • Diameter: 305 mm
  • Connection: flange

Note: any customized size available, consult Filson.

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Filson Fiber Demister Pad

Your Reliable Fiber Demister Pad Manufacturer in China

Filson fiber demister pad, or referred as fiber bed mist eliminator, is your best helper for a majority of mist removal from any gas stream, especially for submicron sized aerosol mists. It is commonly designed into a rolled shape, the fiber bed is placed between two concentric cylindrical screen frames.

Considering the pressure drop of actual operation, we recommend to allow some margin, pick an appropriate Filson fiber bed mist eliminator instead of the lowest cost one. Our demister pad experts can help you correctly install the fiber mist eliminator on a tube sheet in tower.

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