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Filson Fiber Mist Eliminator

  • High performance of sub-micron particles capturing
  • Appropriate fiber size design depending on flow velocity
  • Internal and external SS frames for robust construction
  • Expertly manufactured and virtually free of re-entrainment
  • Highly resistant to concentrated and diluted acids

Compare to other common mist eliminator types (such as mesh pads mist eliminator, vane type mist eliminator, cyclone mist eliminator), Filson fiber mist eliminator provides smaller entrained droplets removal, in size of 0.1 μm. However, for less risk of clogging, you are recommended to set up a pre-filter device prior to the operation of the Filson fiber mist eliminator.

  • Filter Medium: fiber glass or other synthetic fibers
  • Frame Material: SS 304/316L
  • Fiber Diameter: 5-100 mcm
  • Layer Thickness: 25-60 mm
  • Handleable Entrainement Size: down to 0.1 μm
  • Height(Length): 2-20 ft.
  • Flow Velocity: 0.2-2.5 m/s
  • Removal Efficiency: approach 100%
  • Shape: cylindrical
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Filson Fiber Mist Eliminator

Your Most Economical Choice of Fiber Mist Eliminator Manufacturer

Filson fiber mist eliminator mainly consists of fiber bed filter medium and internal and external metal mesh frames, widely used for various industries to capture and remove sub-micron liquid droplets. It can work at a high efficiency of 99.9%, enabling the effective recovery of valuable material even in a high liquid content environment.

Your existing Brink fiber mist eliminator can be replaced ideally with a Filson fiber mist eliminator to provide commendable liquid-gas separation performance. Or for other brands on the market, we also have the capability to manufacture replacements with reliable quality and equal parameters.

Each fiber mist eliminator from Filson will experience pressure drop, aerosol removal efficiency, and flow distribution tests before leaving the factory, to ensure the best mist removal capacity. If any other detailed questions, please feel free to contact us.

Call at 86-157 3695 8886 or send an email to sales@filsonfiters.com for a quick quote.




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