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Filson Filbur Pool Filters Replacement

  • High flow capability for using in a large pool
  • Uniform pore distribution for stable filtration
  • Stable filtration efficiency even after cleaning
  • Easy clean methods with simple maintenance
  • Multiple pleats structure for larger surface area

Filson Filbur pool filters replacements are not only substitutes for Filbur filters, but also widely compatible with many other filters. For instance, the replacement of Filbur FC 0359, is perfectly adaptable with Pleatco PWW50P3, Unicel 6CH-940, Baleen AK-9019, etc.

  • Example model: Filbur FC 2390
  • Diameter: 4.93″/12.5cm
  • Length: approx 13.31″/33cm
  • Filtration accuracy: ≥5 µm

Filbur filter specifications for your cross-reference:

Filbur FC 2390Filbur FC-1225Filbur FC-1270
Lengthapprox 13.31″/33cmapprox 19.625″/50cmapprox 25.5″/65cm

Note: the accuracy of Filson Filbur pool filters replacement is capable to be customized; other models are also available

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Filson Filbur Pool Filters Replacement

Your Preferred Filbur Pool Filters Replacement Choice

Filbur pool filter replacement manufactured by Filson is made of polypropylene cloth, usually has a 3-5-year lifespan for standard use. However, if you used it in any chlorinated liquids, please remove and check it promptly to avoid breakage inside and invalid filtration.

You can select filter replacement based on the existed filter cartridge model, which easily and quickly. In addition, Filson replacement of Filbur spa filters is optional on pleats number to obtain a larger filter area or higher filtration rating.

Contact Filson at sales@filsonfilters.com for more information!

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