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Filson Foam Pool Filter

  • High porosity for increased permeability
  • Cleanable and reusable for longer-lasting time
  • Wide range of sizes for more selection
  • Easy to clean for ease of maintenance
  • Good tensile strength for less cracking

Filson owns a whole foam/sponge filter cartridge production line for independent manufacture needs. Whether you want Filson foam pool filter or replacement of Unicel, Pentair, Filbur filter cartridge, we can always provide you with filters with appropriate sizes to fit your needs.

  • Color: blue
  • Raw material: PU sponge
  • Type: sponge foam filter
  • Example model: type S1
  • Diameter: 4.25″/10.8cm
  • Length: approx 2.87″/7.3cm
  • Center hole drilled: approx 1.57″/4cm
  • Service life: 2 months
  • Available models: type A/C, type B, type D, type I, type II…

Note: other types are also available on your demands

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Filson Foam Pool Filter

Your Comprehensive Foam Pool Filter Selection

Filson foam pool filter generally being shaped as cylindrical with a 2.8-5.2cm diameter drilled hole, applying for wide range of filter systems. Moreover, a simple structure makes it easy to wash compared to paper pleated filter cartridges.

Filson foam pool filter is a very popular choice which benefits from less overall costs and ease of maintenance. For example, you may be recommended to replace a paper pleated filter cartridge in one week, however, Filson foam pool filter can last even two months for use.

Contact Filson now with the attached required model or dimension! We will reply within 12 hours.

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