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Filson FRP Water Filter

  • Effectively resistant to acid and alkali corrosion
  • Good impermeability with stable filtration effect
  • Strong fiberglass reinforced plastic construction
  • Easy to install with low maintenance cost
  • Economical overall cost with long service life
  • High mechanical strength with light weight

Filson is an expert FRP tank manufacturer in China with over 18 years of experience in filtration filed. Differ from other FRP pressure vessel manufacturers, Filson provides innovative FRP pressure vessel design and owns our dedicated production line to ensure the highest quality.

  • Raw material: fiberglass reinforced plastic(FRP)
  • Operating pressure: up to 150 psi
  • Working temperature: 1-49℃
  • Lowest environment temp: -27℃
  • Diameter: 42 inch
  • Length/Height: 72 inch
  • Standard flow rate: 100m3/h
  • Burst pressure test: 597.6 psi

Note: customization is available depending on your special request

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Filson FRP Water Filter

Your Preferred Selection of FRP Water Filter Supplier in China

Filson FRP water filter, also called FRP tank water filter, FRP pressure vessel, FRP pressure tank, adopts high-grade fiberglass reinforced plastic as body material with polyethylene inner shell. It can effectively treat or store various industrial/commercial water, sea water, domestic wastewater, electroplating waste water, etc.

Filson FRP water filter has superior corrosion resistance and excellent strength to meet harsh chemical environment. Compere to traditional metal tanks, Filson FRP tank water filter provides better comprehensive performance and cost effectiveness.

We can design a new drawing in your individual FRP pressure vessel sizes then put into production, or according to your exciting drawing. Further, if any question of FRP tank design calculations, please feel free to contact our engineer team.

During the whole FRP tank manufacturing process, Filson always keeps 100% attention on FRP water tank specification to guarantee a most appropriate tank for your water treatment system. Plus, on account of our modern automated filament winding process, Filson FRP pressure tank is fully worthy of your trust.

Standard Filson FRP tank water filters are in a sufficient stock for your urgent or large quantity order, of course large quantities at more competitive price. Besides, we are capable of producing Pentair FRP tank replacement or other familiar brands, just send us your cross-reference data or your special FRP tank sizes.

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