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Filson: Full Range of Superior Glass Fiber Filter Manufacturer

Since establishment of factory in 2001, Filson has never stopped pursuing better quality and more competitive price, designed to provide you with the highest cost-effective glass fiber filters.

  • Compliance with international ISO9001 certification
  • Wide aperture range to meet your filtration needs
  • Inherent hydrophilicity allows for high liquid flow rate
  • Two options of organic resin adhesive or no adhesive
  • Customized for various sizes, materials and specifications

What is Glass Fiber Filter?

Filson glass fiber filter adapts glass fiber as filtration media, has disc, cartridge, membrane, capsule, bag and many other types. It can be used for pre-filtration or fine filtration to be widely used in food&beverage, chemical, pharmaceutical and other industries.

Mainly manufactured of high purity borosilicate glass fiber, Filson glass fiber has inherent hydrophilicity to facilitates wetting with water in advance to provide high liquid flow rate. It also has excellent corrosion resistance and temperature resistance up to 500℃.

Filson offers comprehensive types of glass fiber filters, with or without adhesives. Glass fiber filter with organic resin binder has better stability and mechanical strength. The adhesive-free glass fiber filter is more pure and has better resistance to strong corrosion and high temperature.

Glass Fiber Filter Main Classifications

Glass Fiber Filter Disc

Filson glass fiber filter disc, also known as glass fiber membrane filter, is an ideal pre-filter. Having 1μm aperture, it removes more than 99.9% large particles from fluids, especially high-viscous or highly polluted solutions, which accelerates filtration process and avoids blockage.

Glass Fiber Filter Cartridge

With dense pleated design, Filson glass fiber filter cartridge has large filtration area to provide high fluids throughput. Our filter cartridge is fabricated by premium borosilicate glass fiber media and PP, PES supporting materials and in dust-free environment to avoid pollution.

Glass Fiber Syringe Filter

Filson glass fiber syringe filter consists of glass fiber filtration membrane and PP/PVC housing. With natural hydrophilic property, it is suitable for filtering aqueous solutions or organic solvents. It is also well compatible with strong acid (without hydrofluoric acid) and alkali.

Glass Fiber Membrane Filter

There are many types of Filson glass fiber membrane filters to choose. We offer filters with organic resin adhesive or no adhesive, ranging from 0.2 micron to 10 microns. Whether it is sterilization filtration or pre-filtration, we can always provide you needed products.

Glass Fiber Capsule Filter

With advanced composite design of PP pre-filter layer and two layers of glass fiber membrane, Filson glass fiber capsule filter has high filtration efficiency up to 99.98% and large particle loading capacity. It accords with FDA standards, which can filter food or drink directly.

Fiberglass Filter Bag

Fabricated of glass fabric with high tensile strength, Filson fiberglass filter bag is very durable and can withstand 280℃ of heat. It is well suitable to collect industrial dust, therefore it is widely supplied in chemical, steel, smelting, power generation, cement and other industries.

Glass Fiber Mesh Filters

Through melting, stretching, winding, weaving and other processes at high temperature, Filson glass fiber mesh filter has great resistance to high heat and high humidity air. It has excellent chemical stability to filter hot gas, molten metal and highly corrosive solutions.

Fiberglass Pocket Filter

Mainly constituted with several fiberglass filter bags and metal frames, Filson fiberglass pocket filter has huge dirt holding capacity and strong stability. We support customization of various sizes, depth and amount of filter bag to maximize compatibility with your system.

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Filson Glass Fiber Filter Benefits

Huge Throughput

The raw material glass fiber of Filson glass fiber filter has inherent hydrophilicity, which allows liquid solutions passing more easily to provide high flow rates.

High Efficiency

Filson uses advanced automated equipment, therefore our glass fiber filter has fine and uniform aperture to achieve high filtration efficiency up to 99.999%.

Complete Types

Filson produces full range of glass fiber filters, such as disc, cartridge, membrane, syringe filters, bag and other types to meet your various filtration requirements.

Well Compatibility

With excellent acid and alkali resistance, Filson glass fiber filter is compatible with corrosive chemicals, which is ideally suitable for laboratory sample filtration.

Filson Glass Fiber Filter Features

  • Ultra-long replacement interval reduces system downtime
  • High impurity retention rates by high-purity borosilicate glass fiber
  • Debacterial filtration can be achieved due to least aperture of 0.2μm
  • Uniform and consistent aperture ensures high filtration efficiency
  • Maintaining propertieswithout any change even at 500℃ high heat
  • Providing huge effective filtration area and impurity holding capacity
  • Adapting thermal bonding technique guarantees 100% no leakage
  • Using autoclaved method to avoid contaminating sterile solution
Filson Glass Fiber Filter Features
Filson Glass Fiber Filter Advantages

Filson Glass Fiber Filter Advantages

  • Reliable: In order to produce high-performance and durable glass fiber filter, Filson follows strict standards in all processes: from raw materials selection, to mass production, to quality inspection. We promise that each product will bring you the most satisfying use experience.
  • Speedy: Filson has several complete production lines and high-specification production workshops. As soon as the product drawing is determined, we can put them into production immediately. In addition, for standard glass fiber filter, we have full stock to deliver quickly.
  • Customized: Due to the diversity of systems, glass fiber filter with standard specification do not totally meet the needs of customers. We offer custom service of a variety of materials, sizes and styles to ensure that the product can be the most compatible with your system.

Why Choose Filson Glass Fiber Filter

Glass Fiber Filter Factory
Glass Fiber Filter Production

When choosing glass fiber filters, three factors should be considered first: durability, filtration efficiency, and compatibility with system.

Filson glass fiber consists of 100% borosilicate glass, PP / PES support material, metal frame, etc., is very durable with high mechanical strength, high temperature and corrosion resistance. In addition, the fold design of glass fiber filter cartridge can also effectively extend service time.

With wide micron rating range from 0.2μm to 50μm, Filson glass fiber filter can perform both sterilization filtration and pre-filtration. It has normative aperture, which can capture more than 99.99% of particles in solution or air, achieve very good filtration effect.

There are many types of Filson glass fiber filter to be suitable for a variety of filtration systems. For example, filter membrane is suitable for small laboratory equipment, syringe filter is used to filter medicines and analyze samples, etc. No matter what glass fiber filter your system needs, we can give you the most suitable products.

In addition to regular glass fiber filters, Filson also offers replacement filters from famous brands, including Whatman, Pall, Sartorius, Advantec and so on. Our glass fiber filter has equal design, performance and more competitive price compared to the original products.

If you want to buy high quality glass fiber filter at an affordable price, then Filson is the best choice. Get in touch with us by phone + 86-157 3695 8886 or email, our professional engineers and experienced sales staff will meet all of your needs.

Filson Glass Fiber Filter Specifications
  • Filtration Media: borosilicate glass
  • Supporting Material: PP/PES
  • Filter Housing: PP
  • Adhesive Material: acrylic binder or resin
  • Filtration Efficiency: up to 99.999%
  • Working Temperature: 500℃
  • Mesh Filter Max. Working Temperature: 1640℃
  • Aperture Range: 0.2 microns to 50 microns
Glass Fiber Filter Replacement Brands
Glass Fiber Filter Replacement Brands
  • Whatman glass fiber filter
  • Pall glass fiber filter
  • Sartorius glass fiber filter
  • Advantec glass fiber filter
  • Merck glass fiber filter

Applications of Glass Fiber Filter


Filson glass fiber filter is assembled in dust-free chambers, ensuring sterility of products. Glass fiber filter cartridge is commonly used in the pharmaceutical industry. Its fold design greatly extends service life and improves filtration performance.


Made of 100% superior borosilicate glass without any adhesive, Filson glass fiber filter can filter sticky solution and can not be blocked. It has tiny filtration accuracy as little as 0.2μm, which is specially ideal to deep purify viscous biological solutions.

Chemical Industry
Chemical Industry

In chemical industry, if the filter is not stable enough, it will be damaged by acid&alkali solutions and has an impact on entire filtration system. Filson glass fiber filter has good chemical compatibility and can maintain high performance in corrosive environment.


All the materials of Filson glass fiber filter have passed the international ISO9001 certification, reaching the level of direct contact with food, and are widely used in filter food and drinks, such as beer filtration, sauce filtration, seasoning filtration, etc.


Filson glass fiber filter is autoclaved and in sterile packaging, ideal for laboratory filtration. For example, glass fiber filter membrane can be used on a funnel to filter sample solution, and the glass fiber syringe filter can filter chromatography analyze sample.

Steel Mill
Steel Mill

Filson glass fiber mesh filter is fabricated of silica glass and can withstand up to 1640℃ of high temperature. Its square hole sizes are generally 1.5 x 1.5mm, 2.0 x 2.0mm or 2.5 x 2.5mm, specifically used to filter molten metals in steel industry.

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