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Glass Fiber Membrane Filter

  • Used to pre-filter, aseptic filtration, sample purification, etc.
  • Maintain performance at high temperature up to 500℃
  • Fabricated in 100,000-grade clean room to ensure sterility
  • Made of 100% borosilicate glass without any adhesive
  • Support for various diameters of customization

Filson glass fiber membrane filter is usually in round shape and made of pure borosilicate glass, with good chemical resistance and high temperature resistance. It has wide range of apertures, allowing for both coarse filtration and fine filtration of solutions.

  • Filtration Media: 100% borosilicate glass
  • Tolerance Temperature: 500℃
  • Thickness: 350μm– 400μm
  • Diameter: 13mm-300mm
  • Micron Rating: 0.2μm-10μm
  • Filtration Efficiency: up to 99.999%
  • Minimum Order Quantity: 100pcs
  • Package Specification: 20, 40, 60, 80 or 100 per bag

Note: above sheet is for reference purposes, custom sizes available.

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Filson Glass Fiber Membrane Filter

Advanced Glass Fiber Membrane Filter Manufacturer in China

Filson has strict control over the quality of his products. We use high purity borosilicate as raw material, produce in high-level sterile workshops, and sterilized by gamma rays or autoclaving to ensure that every product is of high performance.

Our glass fiber membrane filter has passed ISO9001 quality certification, has strict and reliable quality assurance, to ensure that you can accurately filter in the use of the process, zero error. Its impurity removal efficiency is up to 99.999%.

The diameter of glass fiber membrane has many options to choose from 13mm to 300mm. You can choose anything that suits your system, and we will quickly schedule shipping. If you need customized products, we will also put them into production quickly, and deliver them through long-term cooperative logistics of FedEx, UPS, DDL, etc.

If you are looking for glass fiber membrane filter, then Filson will be a satisfying choice. Please Click Here to contact us and start our happy cooperation!

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