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Filson Granular Activated Carbon Filter

  • Top grade chlorine decreases efficiency
  • Ideal filter for odor and a taste improvement
  • High quality activated carbon, no pollutant release
  • Available for installation in reverse osmosis systems
  • Suitable for both industrial and municipal water treatment

Filson granular activated carbon filter also called granular activated carbon filter cartridge, selects NSF certificated granular activated carbon(GAC) for good performance on chlorine, taste, and odor (CTO) removal.

  • Nominal filtration precision: 10µm
  • operating temperature: 60℃
  • Filter media: granular activated carbon
  • Endcap material: plastisol, PP
  • Outer shell: polypropylene(PP)

Note: other micron rates not mentioned are also available

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Filson Granular Activated Carbon Filter

Your Sincerely Granular Activated Carbon Filter Partner In China

Due to quick diffuse ability, Filson granular activated carbon filters are often used in water treatment and are well suited for vapors and gases absorption. Moreover, they can also be utilized in large particle filtration-community wide water systems and small-scale applications – residential uses.

To ensure an optimal working condition for Filson granular activated carbon filter and extended service life, maintaining an operating temperature within 52°C is important to keep the carbon block filter components from being damaged.

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