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Filson Hot Tub Filter Cartridge

  • Large filtration area for high dirt holding capacity
  • Great filtration accuracy maintenance after cleaning
  • Uniform pore distribution for stable filtration effect
  • Competitive price and long lifespan for overall cost saving
  • Superb chemical resistance and high temperature resistance

Filsen classifies hot tub filters into various standard models, such as Intex’s models A/C, B, and D, or Coleman’s models I and II. Therefore, you can choose the exact hot tub filter cartridge model you need quickly.

  • Diameter: 9.5cm
  • Length: approx 10.8cm
  • ID: 5.2cm
  • Service life: 3-5 years
  • Available models: type A/C, type B, type D, type I, type II…
  • Construction materials: polyethylene terephthalate(PET), polyurethane(PU), polypropylene(PP)

Note: other models are also available on your requirement

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Filson Hot Tub Filter Cartridge

Your Most Effective Hot Tub Filter Cartridge Option in China

Filson manufactures a series of hot tub filter cartridges and hot tub filter replacements for different filter systems and pump models. They help the hot tub work properly by keeping the water clean and reducing clogging of the filtration system.

With a plentiful stock of Filson hot tub filter cartridge, we can start delivery generally within 15 working days for a large-quantity-order. If you are considering the freight costs or adequacy of inventory, kindly mail us like “50 PCs Type II hot tub filters UK” to know whether it is available.

Contact Filson today for quality hot tub filter cartridges with fast delivery!

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