Hydac Filter Element Replacement

Why Choose Filson Replacement Hydac Filter Element

Filson Produces the most complete models of filter elements that are totally exchangeable with Hydac original filter elements. We manufactures all types of replacement Hydac filter elements based on detailed cross reference, you need to give us the Hydac filters cross reference and the quantity you need. Like “Hydac 0160d010bn4hc  10pc”, “Hydac n15dm002  50 pcs” etc.

  • Over 15 Years of OEM Experience For Leading Filter Brand Manufacturers
  • Replacement Hydac Filter Is Guaranteed 100% Replace In Dimension, Function
  • FilSon Produce All Filter ElementsBased On Original Quality And Specifications
  • UPS, FedEx, TNT, DHL Express, Air freight Available For Shortest Delivery Time.
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  • hydac 0330r010bn4hc hydraulic filter
  • Hydac Replacement Filter

Your Premier Hydac Filter Element Replacement Manufacturer

No matter for Hydac wire mesh element, polyester elements or multi-layers glassfiber elements, FilSon adopts high-quality raw material and integrated production process to manufacture replacement Hydac filter elements.

Filson filter elements are totally exchangeable with Hydac filter elements in sizes, capacity and pressure drop across a clean element. Filson has high quality inspection standards and industry-experienced employees to offer you original quality.

We have standard model numbers of replacement Hydac filter elements and Hydac filter housing in stock, so if you want to avoid expensive purchase costs or need in urgent, please contact us at, Filson therefore ready send it to you immediately!

Besides alternatives for Hydac filter elements, we can also supply a “brand labeled” service for your company, no MOQ request, no extra fee!

Hydac Betamicron Element Replacement
Hydac Betamicron Element Replacement consist of 5-layers material with plastic outer wraps...
Hydac Hydraulic Filter Replacement
Hydac Hydraulic Filter Replacement adopt fiberglass, polyester or stainless steel mesh...
Hydac Optimicron Element Replacement
Hydac Optimicron Element Replacement are made of multi-layered glass fiber with metal or plastic support...
Hydac Pressure Filter Element Replacement
Filson Replacement Hydac Pressure Filter Element has glass fiber and stainless steel two material choices...
Hydac Wire Mesh Element Replacement
Hydac stainless steel wire mesh elements are cleanable and reusable with 4-5 cycles. It has lower pressure drop and stronger impact resistance...

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Why Filson Can Offer Reliable Replacement Hydac Filter Element?
  1. Industry Leader

    More than 19 years of experience in designing and manufacturing all series Hydac filter element replacement.

  2. Auditable Facility

    ISO9001 certified facility ensures filter elements production process is strictly followed

  3. Certified Products

    All our Hydac replacement filters are CE certified that would help you achieve oil cleanliness level, save replacement and repair cost, meet your present dimension and application request.

Filson Replacement Hydac Filter Element

Filson manufactures a full line of hydraulic filter cartridges that are interchangeable with Hydac filter elements, mainly including Hydac betamicron elements, Hydac optimicron elements, Hydac bn3hc filter elements, Hydac bn4hc filter elements, Hydac suction strainer, hydac high pressure filter elements, and other hydac filter assemblies.

Hydac Hydraulic Filter Replacement adopt fiberglass, polyester or stainless steel mesh with variable micron ratings from 1 and 200 micron for different industries applications.

Hydac Betamicron Element Replacement consist of 5-layers material with plastic outer wraps and multiple length, micron rating to capture dirt particles. It has minimized fluid flow resistance for high pressure and return filter.

Hydac Optimicron Element Replacement are made of multi-layered glassfiber with metal or plastic support. It offers a depth filtration and minimize pressure loss but only can be single use.

Hydac Betamicron Element Replacement

Filson Replacement Hydac Pressure Filter Element has glassfiber and stainless steel two material choices. It can meet high pressure applications up to 210bar with variable micron ratings from 3 and 200 micron. This alternative Hydac filter element are available with NBR, FKM and EPR three kinds sealing material.

Hydac stainless steel wire mesh elements are cleanable and reusable with 4-5 cycles. It has lower pressure drop and stronger impact resistance. Filson replacement Hydac wire mesh filter elements are mainly used for lube system, water filtration, and cooling emulsions.

hydac betamicron material filter element hydac filter element cross reference

All Filson Replacement Hydac Filter Element is the same fit and function as Hydac original oil filters and can be directly used in Hydac filter housing. It has a longer service life and high filtration effect to help you save replacing frequency and operating costs.

Just tell us the filter number, like Hydac 0660r010bn4hc, then we search in our Hydac filter element cross reference and quote for you immediately. If you need a sample to check details and quality, contact us now, we are ready to delivery within 7 days.

Common Hydac Pressure Filter Element models are listed as below:


0030D003bn4hc, 0030D005bn4hc, 0030D010bn4hc, 0030D020bn4hc,

0030D003bn3hc, 0030D005bn3hc, 0030D010bn3hc, 0030D020bn3hc,

0030D003bn/hc, 0030D005bn/hc, 0030D010bn/hc, 0030D020bn/hc,

0030D025W/HC,0030D050W/HC, 0030D074W/HC, 0030D100W/HC,

0030D149W/HC, 0030D200W/HC, 0030D003V, 0030D005V, 0030D010V, 0030D020V


0035D003bn4hc, 0035D005bn4hc, 0035D010bn4hc, 0035D020bn4hc,

0035D003bn3hc, 0035D005bn3hc, 0035D010bn3hc, 0035D020bn3hc,

0035D003bn/hc, 0035D005bn/hc, 0035D010bn/hc, 0035D020bn/hc


0055D003bn4hc, 0055D005bn4hc, 0055D010bn4hc, 0055D020bn4hc,

0055D003bn3hc, 0055D005bn3hc, 0055D010bn3hc, 0055D020bn3hc,

0055D003bn/hc, 0055D005bn/hc, 0055D010bn/hc, 0055D020bn/hc


0060D003bn4hc, 0060D005bn4hc, 0060D010bn4hc, 0060D020bn4hc,

0060D003bn3hc, 0060D005bn3hc, 0060D010bn3hc, 0060D020bn3hc,

0060D003bn/hc, 0060D005bn/hc, 0060D010bn/hc, 0060D020bn/hc

0060D003V, 0060D005V, 0060D010V, 0060D020V,0060D025W/HC,

0060D050W/HC, 0060D074W/HC, 0060D100W/HC, 0060D149W/HC,



0075D003bn4hc, 0075D005bn4hc, 0075D010bn4hc, 0075D020bn4hc,

0075D003bn3hc, 0075D005bn3hc, 0075D010bn3hc, 0075D020bn3hc,

0075D003bn/hc, 0075D005bn/hc, 0075D010bn/hc, 0075D020bn/hc


0095D003bn4hc, 0095D005bn4hc, 0095D010bn4hc, 0095D020bn4hc,

0095D003bn3hc, 0095D005bn3hc, 0095D010bn3hc, 0095D020bn3hc,

0095D003bn/hc, 0095D005bn/hc, 0095D010bn/hc, 0095D020bn/hc


0110D003bn4hc, 0110D005bn4hc, 0110D010bn4hc, 0110D020bn4hc,

0110D003bn3hc, 0110D005bn3hc, 0110D010bn3hc, 0110D020bn3hc,

0110D003bn/hc, 0110D005bn/hc, 0110D010bn/hc, 0110D020bn/hc

0110D003V, 0110D005V, 0110D010V, 0110D020V,0110D025W/HC,

0110D050W/HC, 0110D074W/HC, 0110D100W/HC, 0110D149W/HC,



0140D003bn4hc, 0140D005bn4hc, 0140D010bn4hc, 0140D020bn4hc,

0140D003bn3hc, 0140D005bn3hc, 0140D010bn3hc, 0140D020bn3hc,

0140D003bn/hc, 0140D005bn/hc, 0140D010bn/hc, 0140D020bn/hc

0140D003V, 0140D005V, 0140D010V, 0140D020V,0140D025W/HC,

0140D050W/HC, 0140D074W/HC, 0140D100W/HC, 0140D149W/HC,



0160D003bn4hc, 0160D005bn4hc, 0160D010bn4hc, 0160D020bn4hc,

0160D003bn3hc, 0160D005bn3hc, 0160D010bn3hc, 0160D020bn3hc,

0160D003bn/hc, 0160D005bn/hc, 0160D010bn/hc, 0160D020bn/hc

0160D003V, 0160D005V, 0160D010V, 0160D020V,0160D025W/HC,

0160D050W/HC, 0160D074W/HC, 0160D100W/HC, 0160D149W/HC,



0240D003bn4hc, 0240D005bn4hc, 0240D010bn4hc, 0240D020bn4hc,

0240D003bn3hc, 0240D005bn3hc, 0240D010bn3hc, 0240D020bn3hc,

0240D003bn/hc, 0240D005bn/hc, 0240D010bn/hc, 0240D020bn/hc

0240D003V, 0240D005V, 0240D010V, 0240D020V,0240D025W/HC,

0240D050W/HC, 0240D074W/HC, 0240D100W/HC, 0240D149W/HC,



0280D003bn4hc, 0280D005bn4hc, 0280D010bn4hc, 0280D020bn3hc,

0280D003bn3hc, 0280D005bn3hc, 0280D010bn3hc, 0280D020bn3hc,

0280D003bn/hc, 0280D005bn/hc, 0280D010bn/hc, 0280D020bn/hc

0280D003V, 0280D005V, 0280D010V, 0280D020V,0280D025W/HC,

0280D050W/HC, 0280D074W/HC, 0280D100W/HC, 0280D149W/HC,



0330D003bn4hc, 0330D005bn4hc, 0330D010bn4hc, 0330D020bn4hc,

0330D003bn3hc, 0330D005bn3hc, 0330D010bn3hc, 0330D020bn3hc,

0330D003bn/hc, 0330D005bn/hc, 0330D010bn/hc, 0330D020bn/hc

0330D003V, 0330D005V, 0330D010V, 0330D020V,0330D025W/HC,

0330D050W/HC, 0330D074W/HC, 0330D100W/HC, 0330D149W/HC,



0500D003bn4hc, 0500D005bn4hc, 0500D010bn4hc, 0500D020bn4hc,

0500D003bn3hc, 0500D005bn3hc, 0500D010bn3hc, 0500D020bn3hc,

0500D003bn/hc, 0500D005bn/hc, 0500D010bn/hc, 0500D020bn/hc

0500D003V 0500D005V, 0500D010V, 0500D020V,0500D025W/HC,

0500D050W/HC, 0500D074W/HC, 0500D100W/HC, 0500D149W/HC,



0660D003bn4hc, 0660D005bn4hc, 0660D010bn4hc, 0660D020bn4hc,

0660D003bn3hc, 0660D005bn3hc, 0660D010bn3hc, 0660D020bn3hc,

0660D003bn/hc, 0660D005bn/hc, 0660D010bn/hc, 0660D020bn/hc

0660D003V, 0660D005V, 0660D010V, 0660D020V,0660D025W/HC,

0660D050W/HC, 0660D074W/HC, 0660D100W/HC, 0660D149W/HC,



0990D003bn4hc, 0990D005bn4hc, 0990D010bn4hc, 0990D020bn4hc,

0990D003bn3hc, 0990D005bn3hc, 0990D010bn3hc, 0990D020bn3hc,

0990D003bn/hc, 0990D005bn/hc, 0990D010bn/hc, 0990D020bn/hc

0990D003V 0990D005V, 0990D010V, 0990D020V,0990D025W/HC,

0990D050W/HC, 0990D074W/HC, 0990D100W/HC, 0990D149W/HC,



1320D003bn4hc, 1320D005bn4hc, 1320D010bn4hc, 1320D020bn4hc,

1320D003bn3hc, 1320D005bn3hc, 1320D010bn3hc, 1320D020bn3hc,

1320D003bn/hc, 1320D005bn/hc, 1320D010bn/hc, 1320D020bn/hc

1320D003V, 1320D005V, 1320D010V, 1320D020V,1320D025W/HC,

1320D050W/HC, 1320D074W/HC, 1320D100W/HC, 1320D149W/HC,



1500D003bn4hc, 1500D005bn4hc, 1500D010bn4hc, 1500D020bn3hc,

1500D003bn3hc, 1500D005bn3hc, 1500D010bn3hc, 1500D020bn3hc,

1500D003bn/hc, 1500D005bn/hc, 1500D010bn/hc, 1500D020bn/hc

PS: Filson Filter is an independent industrial filter manufacturer. Hydac name and part number are used for cross reference only. All tradenames, service marks or registered trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Filson Filters does not claim to provide Hydac filter elements or other manufacturer’s filter and/or strainer elements.

Hydac Return Filter Element Replacement

Alternative Hydac Return Filter Element are mainly divided into betamicron, optimicron, aquamicron, ECOmicron, polyester and wire mesh types based on material difference.

Compare to other replacement filter element suppliers, Filson Filter uses the best construction technologies to offer:

  • Minimal pressure differential
  • Ensure Longer Durability
  • HighContamination Retention Capacity
  • Protect Against Mechanical Damage

Filson replacement Hydac return filter elements provide superior protection from particlescontamination so that to help you save money without losing quality. There are many different models with various filtration media and micron rating choices as below:


0030R003BN/HC 0030R005BN/HC 0030R010BN/HC 0030R020BN/HC

0030R003BN3HC 0030R005BN3HC 0030R010BN3HC 0030R020BN3HC

0030R003BN4HC 0030R005BN4HC 0030R010BN4HC 0030R020BN4HC

0030R010P/HC 0030R020P/HC 0030R025W/HC 0030R050W/HC

0030R074W/HC 0030R100W/HC 0030R149W/HC 0030R200W/HC


0060R003BN/HC 0060R005BN/HC 0060R010BN/HC 0060R020BN/HC

0060R003BN3HC 0060R005BN3HC 0060R010BN3HC 0060R020BN3HC

0060R003BN4HC 0060R005BN4HC 0060R010BN4HC 0060R020BN4HC

0060R010MM 0060R015MM 0060R010P/HC 0060R020P/HC 0060R025W/HC

0060R050W/HC 0060R074W/HC 0060R100W/HC 0060R149W/HC 0060R200W/HC


0075R003BN/HC 0075R005BN/HC 0075R010BN/HC 0075R020BN/HC

0075R003BN3HC 0075R005BN3HC 0075R010BN3HC 0075R020BN3HC

0075R003BN4HC 0075R005BN4HC 0075R010BN4HC 0075R020BN4HC

0075R010MM 0075R015MM 0075R010P/HC 0075R020P/HC 0075R025W/HC

0075R050W/HC 0075R074W/HC 0075R100W/HC 0075R149W/HC 0075R200W/HC


0090R010MM 0090R015MM


0110R003BN/HC 0110R005BN/HC 0110R010BN/HC 0110R020BN/HC

0110R003BN3HC 0110R005BN3HC 0110R010BN3HC 0110R020BN3HC

0110R003BN4HC 0110R005BN4HC 0110R010BN4HC 0110R020BN4HC

0110R010MM 0110R015MM 0110R010P/HC 0110R020P/HC 0110R025W/HC

0110R050W/HC 0110R074W/HC 0110R100W/HC 0110R149W/HC 0110R200W/HC


0140R003BN/HC 0140R005BN/HC 0140R010BN/HC 0140R020BN/HC

0140R003BN3HC 0140R005BN3HC 0140R010BN3HC 0140R020BN3HC

0140R003BN4HC 0140R005BN4HC 0140R010BN4HC 0140R020BN4HC


0150R010MM 0150R015MM


0160R003BN/HC 0160R005BN/HC 0160R010BN/HC 0160R020BN/HC

0160R003BN3HC 0160R005BN3HC 0160R010BN3HC 0160R020BN3HC

0160R003BN4HC 0160R005BN4HC 0160R010BN4HC 0160R020BN4HC

0160R010MM 0160R015MM0160R010P/HC 0160R020P/HC0160R025W/HC

0160R050W/HC 0160R074W/HC 0160R100W/HC 0160R149W/HC 0160R200W/HC


0165R003BN/HC 0165R005BN/HC 0165R010BN/HC 0165R020BN/HC

0165R003BN3HC 0165R005BN3HC 0165R010BN3HC 0165R020BN3HC

0165R003BN4HC 0165R005BN4HC 0165R010BN4HC 0165R020BN4HC

0165R010MM 0165R015MM0165R010P/HC 0165R020P/HC 0165R025W/HC

0165R050W/HC 0165R074W/HC 0165R100W/HC 0165R149W/HC 0165R200W/HC


0185R003BN/HC 0185R005BN/HC 0185R010BN/HC 0185R020BN/HC

0185R003BN3HC 0185R005BN3HC 0185R010BN3HC 0185R020BN3HC

0185R003BN4HC 0185R005BN4HC 0185R010BN4HC 0185R020BN4HC

0185R010MM 0185R015MM


0210R003BN/HC 0210R005BN/HC 0210R010BN/HC 0210R020BN/HC

0210R003BN3HC 0210R005BN3HC 0210R010BN3HC 0210R020BN3HC

0210R003BN4HC 0210R005BN4HC 0210R010BN4HC 0210R020BN4HC

0210R010MM 0210R015MM


0240R003BN/HC 0240R005BN/HC 0240R010BN/HC 0240R020BN/HC

0240R003BN3HC 0240R005BN3HC 0240R010BN3HC 0240R020BN3HC

0240R003BN4HC 0240R005BN4HC 0240R010BN4HC 0240R020BN4HC

0240R010MM 0240R015MM0240R010P/HC 0240R020P/HC0240R025W/HC

0240R050W/HC 0240R074W/HC 0240R100W/HC 0240R149W/HC 0240R200W/HC


0270R003BN/HC 0270R005BN/HC 0270R010BN/HC 0270R020BN/HC

0270R003BN3HC 0270R005BN3HC 0270R010BN3HC 0270R020BN3HC

0270R003BN4HC 0270R005BN4HC 0270R010BN4HC 0270R020BN4HC

0270R010MM 0270R015MM


0280R003BN/HC 0280R005BN/HC 0280R010BN/HC 0280R020BN/HC

0280R003BN3HC 0280R005BN3HC 0280R010BN3HC 0280R020BN3HC

0280R003BN4HC 0280R005BN4HC 0280R010BN4HC 0280R020BN4HC


0330R003BN/HC 0330R005BN/HC 0330R010BN/HC 0330R020BN/HC

0330R003BN3HC 0330R005BN3HC 0330R010BN3HC 0330R020BN3HC

0330R003BN4HC 0330R005BN4HC 0330R010BN4HC 0330R020BN4HC

0330R010MM 0330R015MM0330R010P/HC 0330R020P/HC0330R003BN/AM

0330R010BN/AM0330R025W/HC 0330R050W/HC 0330R074W/HC 0330R100W/HC

0330R149W/HC 0330R200W/HC


0500R003BN/HC 0500R005BN/HC 0500R010BN/HC 0500R020BN/HC

0500R003BN3HC 0500R005BN3HC 0500R010BN3HC 0500R020BN3HC

0500R003BN4HC 0500R005BN4HC 0500R010BN4HC 0500R020BN4HC

0500R010MM 0500R015MM0500R010P/HC 00500R020P/HC 0500R025W/HC

0500R050W/HC 0500R074W/HC 0500R100W/HC 0500R149W/HC 0500R200W/HC


0660R003BN/HC 0660R005BN/HC 0660R010BN/HC 0660R020BN/HC

0660R003BN3HC 0660R005BN3HC 0660R010BN3HC 0660R020BN3HC

0660R003BN4HC 0660R005BN4HC 0660R010BN4HC 0660R020BN4HC

0660R010MM 0660R015MM0660R003BN/AM 0660R010BN/AM 0660R010P/HC

0660R020P/HC0660R025W/HC 0660R050W/HC 0660R074W/HC 0660R100W/HC

0660R149W/HC 0660R200W/HC


0850R003BN/HC 0850R005BN/HC 0850R010BN/HC 0850R020BN/HC

0850R003BN3HC 0850R005BN3HC 0850R010BN3HC 0850R020BN3HC

0850R003BN4HC 0850R005BN4HC 0850R010BN4HC 0850R020BN4HC

0850R010MM 0850R015MM0850R003BN/AM 0850R010BN/AM 0850R010P/HC

0850R020P/HC0850R025W/HC 0850R050W/HC 0850R074W/HC 0850R100W/HC

0850R149W/HC 0850R200W/HC


0950R003BN/HC 0950R005BN/HC 0950R010BN/HC 0950R020BN/HC

0950R003BN3HC 0950R005BN3HC 0950R010BN3HC 0950R020BN3HC

0950R003BN4HC 0950R005BN4HC 0950R010BN4HC 0950R020BN4HC

0950R010MM 0950R015MM0950R010P/HC 0950R020P/HC0950R025W/HC

0950R050W/HC 0950R074W/HC 0950R100W/HC 0950R149W/HC 0950R200W/HC


1300R003BN/HC 1300R005BN/HC 1300R010BN/HC 1300R020BN/HC

1300D003BN3HC 1300R005BN3HC 1300R010BN3HC 1300R020BN3HC

1300D003BN4HC 1300R005BN4HC 1300R010BN4HC 1300R020BN4HC

1300R010MM 1300R015MM1300R003BN/AM 1300R010BN/AM 1300R010P/HC

1300R020P/HC1300R025W/HC 1300R050W/HC 1300R074W/HC 1300R100W/HC

1300R149W/HC 1300R200W/HC


1700R003BN/HC 1700R005BN/HC 1700R010BN/HC 1700R020BN/HC

1700D003BN3HC 1700R005BN3HC 1700R010BN3HC 1700R020BN3HC

1700D003BN4HC 1700R005BN4HC 1700R010BN4HC 1700R020BN4HC

1700R010MM 1700R015MM 1700R010P/HC 1700R020P/HC 1700R025W/HC

1700R050W/HC 1700R074W/HC 1700R100W/HC 1700R149W/HC 1700R200W/HC


1800R003BN/HC 1800R005BN/HC 1800R010BN/HC 1800R020BN/HC

1800D003BN3HC 1800R005BN3HC 1800R010BN3HC 1800R020BN3HC

1800D003BN4HC 1800R005BN4HC 1800R010BN4HC 1800R020BN4HC


2600R003BN/HC 2600R005BN/HC 2600R010BN/HC 2600R020BN/HC

2600R003BN3HC 2600R005BN3HC 2600R010BN3HC 2600R020BN3HC

2600R003BN4HC 2600R005BN4HC 2600R010BN4HC 2600R020BN4HC

2600R010P/HC 2600R020P/HC 2600R010MM 2600R015MM2600R003BN

2600R010BN/AM 2600R025W/HC 2600R050W/HC 2600R074W/HC

2600R100W/HC 2600R149W/HC 2600R200W/HC

No matter with Hydac filter elements, filter housing replacement or custom dimensions filters, Filson have noMOQ request, call us about your replacement or custom filter element needs.

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