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Filson Industrial Activated Carbon Filter

  • Efficient adsorption and discoloration ability of activated carbon
  • Automatic backwash support without manual maintenance
  • Flexible configuration design for different flow rate requirement
  • Thorough clean effect with high system recover ability
  • Simple process and equipment structure with easy using

Filson industrial activated carbon filter, also called industrial carbon filter, activated carbon bed filter, industrial activated carbon water filter, provides highly ideal solution for adsorbing chlorine, organics, tri-halo methane(THM), taste, odour and color from water&wastewater. It features reliable quality, efficient filtration and economical cost.

  • Tank material: stainless steel, carbon steel
  • Activated carbon type: bituminous coal-based, coconut shell-based
  • Working pressure: 0.6, 1.0 Mpa
  • Working temperature: 5-40℃
  • Flow rate: up to 400m3/h
  • Height: up to 3700 mm
  • Inlet/Outlet: DN32/40/50/65/80/100/125/150 flange

Note: customized service is always provided if you need

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Filson Industrial Activated Carbon Filter

Your Dependable Industrial Activated Carbon Filter Manufacturer in China

Filson can supply activated carbon filter design in various mesh sizes. Please estimate the turbidity of inlet water before deciding on your filter mesh size, such as 12×40 mesh is preferred to used for low turbidity municipal water while 8×30 mesh for river or lake water.

In addition, you can design a single industrial activated carbon filter unit configuration or combine several units configuration according to your application requirements. Standard Filson activated carbon filter design supports flow rate up to 440 GPM with the maximum working pressure of 1.0 Mpa, or customization available upon your special situation.

Filson activated carbon filter devotes to be a previous protection step for other water treatment units such as reverse osmosis membranes and ion exchange resins, avoiding oxidation/organic fouling damage effectively.

Filson Activated Carbon Filter Working Principle:

The main effect of Filson activated carbon filter(ACF) is adsorption. Untreated water enters Filson activated carbon filter from inlet and is drained out after adsorption by activated carbon or reaction with pollutant molecules. During this process, plenty of chlorine, organics, etc. will be removed to pure the water with reliable, safe and standard-compliant quality.

Certainly, if you need to remove specific contaminants, we also offer the particular activated carbon bed design by employing blends of various carbon. Any technical matter of activated carbon filter design calculation, please directly discuss with our specialist engineer team.

We are happy to help you solve any problem of your industrial activated carbon filters. Click here to start our collaboration!

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