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Filson Industrial Conical Strainer

  • Highly resistant to temperature and corrosion
  • Effective and economical with long service life
  • Simple structure with reliable filtration performance
  • Various specification combinations to choose from
  • Uniform pore size with large surface area

Filson industrial conical strainer, also called cone strainer, witches hat strainer, is mainly used for the short period of system startup to remove debris which in liquid temporarily. Thus using Filson industrial conical strainer is a very cost-effective alternative to costly equipment maintenance.

  • Raw Material: carbon steel, stainless steel, Monel …
  • Outer Diameter (mm): DN 15-600
  • Operating Pressure (Mpa): PN≤5
  • Length/Height (mm): 90-500
  • Filtration Accuracy (μm): 2-200
  • Flow Rate (L/min): 200
  • Handle: with or without
  • Bottom Type: pointed, flat

Note: listed are for reference purpose only, please consult for customized dimensions.

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Filson Industrial Conical Strainer

Your Preferred Industrial Conical Strainer Manufacturer in China

Filson manufactures industrial conical strainer in various screen types such as perforated plate, wire mesh, pleated mesh, and even sintered mesh. Plus, to obtain higher mechanical strength, Filson industrial conical strainer can be added a mesh liner inside or outside.

Filson industrial conical strainers are rigid and durable, suitable for a range of liquid filtration, pipeline filtration. Further, you should remove it when it is needed to clean or the pressure drop increases to unacceptable values, typically by 5-10 psi.

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